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After Kotori Cafe we still have some time to kill before meeting back up with Col Moutarde and Co. We take the opportunity to backtrack to Akihabara in an effort to upgrade our Halloween costumes for tonight. There’s bound to be some good cosplay shops there. I’ve been eyeing up M’s sex shop from the metro line and i’m almost positive we can find something funny in there.

Akiba is such a great place, I love the vibe of it. Even the ads on the street are artsy cute amazing

Alright there it is, M’s Sex Shop. Six floors of sex. There has to be something in here. I scan the floor plan, looks like we’re heading to the top floor. Might as well browse the other floors while we’re at it.

In the front entrance there is a tv screen with a video of monkeys having sex in the jungle. On the right is a vending machine with used panties for only 1000 yen. Do they have the vials of pee? Yes, they do. There are signs promoting a student discount and another prohibiting photography. Fair enough. This place looks legit, i wonder how it holds up to the G-Spot in Hong Kong. Maybe I can replace McBurger’s Green-Baby, that has to be worn out by now.

We do a little tour but we’re on a tight schedule. Just slipping in for a quick sec before we split to Roppongi. We do hit every floor though. Here’s a more accurate breakdown:

  • B1 Pornos
  • F2 Dolls and vaginas
  • F3 Dildos and bullets
  • F4 Lube, edibles and condoms
  • F5 Lingerie
  • F6 Cosplay

We get to the top floor and it seems promising right off the get go. It’s stacked with outfits for most everything your perverted brain can concockt. Lots of anime and cartoon outfits. I really wish they let you take pictures in here because it is incredible. I’m on the lookout for some Japanese school girl uniforms.

There’s a Black dude here with a girl, possibly Egyptian, that seems to be on the same wave length as me. We’re browsing the racks together, “Oh school girl outfits? I saw those over there.” We share a bit of a giggle. He’s right, there are multiples, yes! But the question is, will they fit? They do say that they’re men’s outfits. Queenie decides to grab one too so we can match. They have little bulges in the cover pic, this is great.

We take them up to the front and the cashier just starts laughing.


Cashier Girl is worried it may not fit. I got the 4L, whatever that means. She motions for me to take it out of the package and holds it up to my shoulders. Nope, that’s not quite gonna fit. <Thumbs up> “Perfect!”, “Really?”, oh yeeeeeah. She’s laughing, she thinks this is hilarious.

What’s really funny is these are actually cheaper than the lame-ass bacon and egg costumes we picked up the other day (Pro tip: Hit the sex shops first). Sweeeeeeet, can’t wait: Mission Accomplished!

We still have about an hour before mustard o’clock so we dip into some of the shops we haven’t hit yet. Like the 6 story SEGA TOWER!! It’s a massive arcade tower. The basement floor is entirely Final Fantasy arcades. I’ve never even seen a Final Fantasy based arcade game, they’ve got a whole floor full here. There are dudes with gloves in another section playing some guitar hero type of game. They’re crazy good and I’m mesmerized for a bit.

Of course Electric City originally got it’s name from all of the electronics and appliance shops that were here before it was inundated with arcades, collectible toys, manga, claw machines and sex. Still seems to be a good spot for electric goodies, there are towers full of those too, including this Labi tower of duty free computers and accessories.

We go into a claw machine shop for a little quick. Someone got screwed on one of them. Looks like you can just punch it loose. If we weren’t backpacking w limited space for the next few weeks I may have gone for the… Rilakkuma bear, or whatever it is, just hanging on by a thread. Or maybe it’s a trap!

This area really is a collectors wet dream. You can get whatever figurines, comics, cards, and games your little heart desires if you browse around enough. I found a good selection of SNES games. Chrono Trigger for 10 bucks! I loved that one. Megaman is called Rockman here?

While snooping around another collectibles tower I get sucked into a Magic vortex. Hmmmm let’s check the price on some singles. Volcanic Island is around $340? That seems pretty standard I guess, I’m kind of out of touch. Library of Alexandria for $420 is decent though (if spending 4 hunny on a single card seems reasonable to you). I grab some packs from the Ixalan and Amonkhet blocks for the Planeswalkers back home. They’re only 2 bucks a pack.


Ok it’s almost time to reconvene with Stephane. We bolt from the towers of fun in Akiba  and take our goodie bags to the metro. A quick stop back at Anne Hostel to drop everything off then we hit the Oedo line to Roppongi Hills on a mission for cocktails, woohoo!


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