Roponggi Hills

I get an encrypted message on the Agency line from Col Moutarde. They’re en route to Roponggi Hills. There’s an observation deck above the city where we can get a good vantage point on the target. We’re on the Oedo line. He drops a pin. Mori Tower. We’re on the case.

Just off the metro I spot the human tower that is Ben. He stands feet above the crowd, easy to find. High fives and we whirl towards the target. The sun is dropping. Can we perfectly time another sunset in a tower two days in a row? You betcha




Another good view here in Roppongi Hills. Mori isn’t as tall as the Skytree but a little closer to the action. Ben points to the elevated highway that runs above the city. Don’t wanna get caught up in the cluttered streets of Tokyo? Take the high road right over it. Amazing.

There’s a good view of Tokyo Tower from here (the Eiffel Tower replica). We can also see the parks we’ve previously visited and a massive graveyard in the center of the city.

Aaaaaaaaand queue golden hour






Col Moutarde spots the target and calls in the strike. It’s over in a split second.


Meanwhile, we just continue to talk about life in Tokyo


Golden hour ends and the lights come out



Whoa is that an earth quuuuuuuaaaaaaake!!!

BREW DOG Gastropub

That was cool, time for drinks. We hit the Roppongi streets. Another really nice area. Feels modern and happening. Tons of places to grub and binge and shop. Clubs are just getting their lights and sound on. People round here are fashionable. More contemporary chic and spy like, not as many of the eccentric manga types like we spotted in Shibuya.

Ben leads us a short uphill walk from the tower to Brew Dog for a pint. We’ve done a lot today already, well deserved. This place looks rad


Yup it’s rad. Love the interior. Alt rock in the sound mix.






The bartender presents me with an ambitious new mission:



Narcopiggy nabs a flight and we all bounce on board with a bevy of brilliant Brew Dog beers.




Sorry Ben, I forgot the selfie stick


We get some pub snacks and a few more beers. it’s nice to take a load off for a second just to gab and laugh. Ben and Stephane make a good little comedy duo.

We pay up and Ben delivers our next mission: Ramen!

Back on the streets and another group in Mario Karts go whizzing by in Super Mario outfits. Dammit, why didn’t we do that! And then we have to pause for a massive marching band and cheerleaders. Nice and random




A short walk away is the ramen shop, Ippudo, that Ben wants to hit. It’s a good looking joint. We’ve got the Brew Dog beer sillies and we’re drooling with anticipation. We get some dumplings, ramen and some more beer.


The ramen comes out and it smells great. Mmmmm it is goooood. Maybe I’ll top it off with some sesame seeds. I grab the sesame seed dispenser thing and turn the little crank on the side hoping for a small smattering of seeds to spruce things up. Instead the whole fucking thing comes off and dumps an obscene amount of sesame seeds in a giant pile that starts sinking into my broth. Shit! I’m frantically scooping seeds out in an effort to keep my dinner from getting overwhelmed with sesame flavor. I pretty much dumped the entire dispensers worth of seeds in there. I manage to get it back to a sensible seed level. Ok, things aren’t ruined, it’s still delicious, phewf.

I did manage to get a picture when it came out, before the sesame seed shit show.


Num num, ramen is the bomb, I love it! I’m gonna say this is a close second to the Hiyashi ramen we’d gotten in Shibuya a few days ago. That would rank it as the second best ramen I’ve ever had. Good suggestion Ben!

After another beer and some more jokes it’s getting near time for Col Moutarde and Agent Bullock to depart for their next mission in South East Asia. We get to a crowded metro where there is too much noise to be overheard and several exit points. I leave them with the names of some contacts in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos and brief them on the current mission parameters. Ben directs them to their station.

They’re on the case.


Alrighty, now it’s also time for our next mission:
Schoolgirls hit the Shibuya Halloween Street Party!!




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