Kotori Bird Cafe

We split off from Ben, Bullock and Col Moutarde and make our way to the nearest metro station. It’s just a short hop to Omotesando and then a 10 min stroll to the bird cafe. This seems to be a really high end area of the city. Upscale clothing and furniture joints, expensive jewelry spots, actually this is super high end swanky. We pass by a bar and it says Bar by Lexus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bar sponsored by a company before. The architecture in the area is extremely modern and chic.

I photo fail and only nab a couple of pics of the area and one is just cuz there’s a dude washing windows.

We find Kotori Cafe down a side street. We’ve done hedgehogs and maids so far, time for some birds. The shop front is super cute, Queenie is getting excited. Looks like they are just about to open. We wait outside for a minute and then the hostess invites us in.

The place is all ours so Bird Girl tells us to sit anywhere. There is a merch section up front by the door that we’ll have to check out later. We grab a seat and take a look around. Queenie is beaming.

The room is filled with the happy chirping of little birds flitting here and there in open glass areas. It’s a peaceful sound with some soft music in the background too. Nice atmosphere. We take a look around and meet the lil duffers that live here. They’re all, like, crazy adorbs

We have a seat by one of the windows so we can get the full bird cafe experience.

The cute factor of Kotori is even further escalated by the art and decor of the place. Fun art pieces of bird families, realistic ones and cartoony ones, place mats with their own mascot that has a little pack like he’s a world travelling bird, the tea cups, pretty much everywhere you look puts a smile on your face (unless you don’t like birds, then this would be your personal hell on Earth).

We finish up a couple of teas and Bird Girl offers us 5 minutes in a little room with some birds. We get to choose 2 of the birds in the room and hang with them for a bit. There is a cockatoo, a love bird and a cockatiel. “Oh the cockatiel is so cute, what do you think?”, “Queenie, we own a cockatiel, we hang out with a cockatiel every day”, “Ohhh yeah, I don’t want Birdrito to think we’re cheating on him.”

Bird Girl goes to get the lovebird out of it’s cage. The little guy is climbing up the cage to the ceiling and doing backflips back down to the ground. He’s an energetic lil fella. And cute Af.

He keeps flying up onto my head. I get him down and he waddles to the end of my arm and just flies up there again. He’s loving it.

While this is all happening the Cockatoo is speaking Japanese to us. I have no idea what it’s saying but it’s kind of incredible. Bird Girl gets him from the cage and he looks deep into our souls.

Bird Girl shows us that the cockatoo loves having the underside of his wings rubbed. Queenie and I both give it a try. Oh yeah, he really loves it. He makes happy bird sounds and holds his wings up to get rubbed like a dog rolling on it’s back for a belly rub.

Soon our 5 minutes is up and Bird Girl has the Cockatoo wave goodbye to us as she puts him back in his cage. He says something in Japanese and the girl starts giggling. Hopefully it was something polite. Smart bird.

We go back to our seats and order up some coffees and deserts to finish things off. While we wait Queenie muses about our cockatiel living here at Kotori. “Can you imagine Birdrito living here? Whacking off all the time?”, this cracks me up. Birdrito (pronounced burrito, the ‘d’ is silent) has a bit of a masturbation problem. I’m not sure how well that goes down in the social circles of bird societies.

The bird cupcakes come out and they’re amazing looking. Each has it’s own elaborate birdcage around it. Bird Girl motions for us to take a photo so we nab our phones and get a few. Then she takes away the bird cages leaving just the tasty treats on the table. Good presentation, these are so cool.

Might as well start by tearing his fancy fucking face off! Gaaaaaaaahhh!

“Oh this is the best birthday ever!” Going to a bird cafe off the beaten track of your typical Tokyo tour may not be for everybody, but making Queenie this happy is well beyond worth it.

We finish massacring the tasty bird faces and hit the merch on the way out. There’s a lot of fun stuff in here.

Their tiny travel bird guy is totally like another Narcopiggy. They can be friends.

We grab some t-shirts and random bird stuff and pay up for everything at the front. Some other patrons are coming in now and checking the place out. We timed it perfectly.

There’s a crazy colorful bird at the front of the shop the likes of which I’ve never seen (it’s a rainbow lorikeet). He quietly monitors our movements while we pay up.

Well that was a fun mini lunch stop. Queenie is super pumped and already claimed this to be the best birthday ever even though we still have to meet up with Moutarde in Roppongi Hills and hit the Shibuya Halloween street party. Kicking ass so far.

Thanks Kotori!!


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