We walk down the stone steps to the basement of Neues Rathaus and into Ratskeller. Wow. Has this place gotten a facelift? Looks like it was revamped from last time I was here. I remember it being more moody and cavern-like, but this feels like a fancy pants underground restaurant. It looks good. Classy.

Oogie has to hit the head so we wait at a side bar room for him. It’s all blue (da boo dee da boo dah) with orbs and swanky booths. Would be a cool spot to grab a drink but I don’t think it’s open right now.

Oogie comes back nodding his head, “What the hell? This place is sweet”, “Might as well grab breakfast in a castle dungeon, eh?”, “Yeah, but I’m talking about Munich in general. All these old buildings and super modern shit. The mall blends into an old wall from medieval times. It’s crazy”, “Yup. Pretty rad spot, for sure.”

We get to the restaurant proper and check in with the well dressed wait staff. “It’ll be just a moment”, “Sure, no problem.” They get a table together and take us through the main seating area to a hidden nook leading to another large open seating area. Seems appropriate for our company.

We thank the man and he comes back with bread and asks to take a drink order. “I’ve been eyeing up that Franziskaner in a stone mug since Funkstadl. But I think I’ll do a Löwenbräu, please”, “The Lion’s Brew for you then, and you?”, he motions to Oogie, “I’ll get the Franziskaner Dunkel, please”, he’s digging the dunkels, “Excellent, and you, sir?”, “I’ll just get a water, thanks.” Oogie and I are floored, “Whaaaaaaaaat?! We’re in Munich and you’re just having a water?”, “Yeah man, I’m not feeling well. Why I didn’t go out last night”, “Sick?”, “Maybe. Butt’s a-quivering that’s for sure”, “Oh dear.”

The beers come back with some delicious bread. This place is killer. Great atmosphere. We put a round of amazing sounding food in with the server. Getting excited.

While we’re waiting for the food to arrive, James is picking at his face, “Fucking gum!”, “What?”, “Yeah, I got gum stuck to my face from the hostel bed last night”, “Ahhhhgg gross”, “I moved the pillow and it was stuck to the bed. It’s not my gum. Super gross”, “Who leaves a giant wad of gum under the pillow?”, “Ahhh maaaaan, that’s naaaaaasty.”

A potato soup comes out instead of the pancake soup we’d ordered. “German potato soup? If that’s not P90X soup I don’t know what is!”, “Haha what?”, “Tony Horton? No?”, “Who the fuck is that?”, “Nevermind”, “Well, their mistake for bringing it out, let’s try it. Oh maaaaan, delicious”, “Wow this pretzel and potato soup combo is deadly!” 

We let the waiter know that we meant pancake soup and he apologizes and runs to get it. It’s good, but not as good as that potato soup we got by accident.

The rest of the meal comes out and we’re now in Bavarian Heaven. Insanely awesome sausage sampler plate!

The boys went more streamlined in their choices

This is a totally perfect platter of sausaged scrumptiousness. A bed of sauerkraut and mashed potato. The soft wohlworst veal sausage across the bottom. Multiple mustards. Franziskaner in a stone mug. Every bite and gulp is a perfectly paired pleasantly palate piquing affair. So glad I came back here. 

The boys are thrilled. The food is top notch. Ratskeller for the win again. We get another round post-meal and chill for a sec.

McBurger’s on his phone looking at a map of the area. “So we going into Austria tonight?”, “Yeah, we can do that”, “What do you guys think about Innsbruck?”, “Oh fuck yeah, Innsbruck. Never been there”, “Yeah, me neither. Wanna go?”, we look at Oogie, “Don’t look at me. You guys are crazy, I don’t know what the hell’s going on”, “Alright, fuck it. Let’s go to Innsbruck”, “Should I book an apartment for tonight”, “Yeah, sure”… “Done!”

Alright, Plan B++ -> Innsbruck! Cheers to that

With that settled we’ve got the afternoon to continue exploring Munich before hoping a train south.

Ratskeller, you are the bomb! We wrap up and see ourselves out the back entrance.

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