Coronavirus in California

It’s official, as of last night Governor Newsom told the entire state of California that it is now under orders to Stay at Home. That’s 40 million people told to shutter in place. More people than the entire population of Canada. Roughly 12% of all Americans. Gov Cuomo in New York did the same thing for that state this morning, bringing that up to about 60 million people, ~20% of the country. 1 in every 5 Americans ordered to stay home. Borders to Mexico and Canada are partially closed as well. Some good info HERE

A bold, unprecedented move and one I hope the public can appreciate. Maybe that’s the wake up call the rest of the states needs to get off the beaches and keep Millennials from fucking themselves out of having grandparents (or respiratory problems themselves).


Queenie, Birdrito and I began the whole social distancing thing this week, getting a stockpile of food essentials (yep, grocery store shelves are eerily barren) and setting up home offices so that we can work remotely. I took the 40” TV from our bedroom that never gets used and made a second monitor out of it.

Queenie gets to use the set up in Narcopiggy HQ upstairs.

And we’ve ordered a new lappy for Birdrito too, it’s getting Birb reviews

It’s only been a week though, this was before it became mandatory, and we’re already getting a little shack whacky. It can’t all be Netflix and walks around the block. Need to start getting creative with all the spare time (Yes, catching up on the blog will be a big part of that).

Global Agent Reports

The Adventure Detectives have a large roster of informants, agents, and field operatives around the world. Time to check in.

McBurger – Seoul, Korea

I’ve been keeping up with McBurger in Seoul and he’s saying that things are slowing down in Korea. They were even talking about possibly starting the baseball season in a couple of weeks. Although, to me, that just sounds like asking for a second wave of this shit. He’s ridden out the storm without getting sick. Seems like the Koreans have done a commendable job testing and containing things.

Simon and Cheryl – Bologna, Italy

My high school buddies, Simon and Cheryl, have been doing the Quarantine thing for about 7 weeks now in Bologna, Italy. Line-ups at grocery stores, wearing gloves and masks, curfews, people getting fined for being on the streets, the works. Hospitals are maxed and they are doing wartime-style triaging of patients, leaving the elderly to die in some cases. The death toll in Italy has officially surpassed China’s.

America’s infected rate is about where they were two weeks in, so if that’s any indication our hospitals are going to see a massive uptick and we’re gonna be hunkered down for a couple months minimum.

(Spoiler Alert: We’ll get to meet Simon and Cheryl later into the BEEF trip)

Simon posted this on Facebook yesterday

The Yen’s – Taichung, Taiwan

Queenie’s family in Taiwan all seem to be doing fine with little to no problems. Taiwan had immediately shutdown flights from China during the Lunar New Year time frame and that seems to have staved off the virus at the outset despite the islands close proximity. Although I did hear that recently there have been a few more cases due to people coming home from the states.

Bao – Tsing Yi, Hong Kong

Queenie’s sister Bao is a flight attendant for Cathay Pacific based in Hong Kong (you may remember her cheery face from We’re Gonna Taiwan on!). Bit of a double whammy there since they were still dealing with government protests and now there’s a new crisis that is surprisingly more important than freedom.

Bao’s flight schedule has been cut back dramatically (good for health reasons, bad monetarily) and she’s worried about possible layoffs as airlines are tanking towards bankruptcy left and right.

The Murphy’s – Seabright, Nova Scotia

My folks are on lock down home in St Margaret’s Bay, NS. My dad has been working at the fish counter in Sobey’s and my brother and I texted home to request that he please stop going and settle in at home immediately (which he did, thank SaChriX). My friend Alicia, who’s a massage therapist (and a sweetheart I’ve known since diapers), has lots of free time now (not so many therapeutic massages happening in the time of Covid-19) and offered to do grocery runs for them and leave things on the front porch.

Our other neighbors, The Cooks, get back from vacation in the Dominican Republic soon too. They have to go into a 14-day self-quarantine upon their return and it sounds like Alicia’s new grocery delivery service is already getting one more customer.

Fun in the times of Quarantine

St. Patrick’s Day rolled in on Tuesday like a deflated tumbleweed. But my Maritimer friends weren’t having it and set up a Microsoft Teams meeting so we could all share a pint remotely and shoot the shit. We’re basically all Irish descendants hailing from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, so you’re not keeping us from the Guinness.

Pap is in Squamish outside of Vancouver, Posty and Ash are both in Calgary, and Scrat was calling in from Halifax, though he’s based in Charlottetown (yes, everybody has nicknames, maybe that’s a Maritimer thing. Mine’s Plum, for better or worse).

We shared our experiences dealing with the rapidly ramping virus in various parts of the country and put back a couple of wobbly-pops while the Dropkick Murphy’s streamed a live concert from Boston in the background. It was good to catch up with everyone, chat about shared coronavirus anxieties, and talk optimistically about when and where the next ‘Dudes Trip’ was gonna be after all the dust settles (we all went to Quito, Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena a couple years back. It was a blast, I’ve been toying with possibly making posts out of that trip too).

I enjoyed the video conference call format a lot, I’ve never really done that with a group of friends before, just at work. In fact, I liked it so much that after hearing about the Stay at Home order I immediately set up a Friday Night facebook event to do another one but with my friends here in Redlands.

I called it “Checkpoint #1 – Stay at Home, that’s an order!” and doctored up a pic of Newsom’s Stay-at-Home announcement.

It’s a fairly loose itinerary. Basically, jump on the meeting, show your face, chat, have a drink, maybe I’ll do a shared Spotify end times themed playlist and people can add songs as we go, play remote heads up, I dunno. We’ll figure it out. I’m sure there will be technical difficulties and warts but who cares, one more thing to get through together. Hopefully people get dressed up and silly.

That’s the thing, right. There is a whole cultural paradigm shift in progress, and we’ll have to do these sorts of things for the foreseeable future. Because we’re in this together and isolating ourselves trying to help each other out. Not just for our friends, the state needs it and the country needs it. The world needs it or our health systems will be flooded and compromised. More people will die. This shit is real. People are out of work with no way to manage food and rent. Small businesses are getting totally fucked. Whole industries are going under. Economies are collapsing. These are surreal times.

But let’s stay home, stay healthy, and stay connected. Time to communicate more. Adapt and let some creativity fill the gaps in our social distancing. I really appreciated the Dropkick Murphy’s streaming that St Patrick’s Day show and am seeing more and more of that kind of thing happening. It’s great. I also appreciate the fact that artists can’t tour right now, it’s another industry nuked, and I’ll support them. If it turns into having to pay a buck or two to stream something, sure, I’m fortunate enough to be able to work remotely.

I’m sure video game sales are skyrocketing and Netflix will probably have to dial back quality to accommodate server load. Get on there, play with friends, watch shows together remotely. Stay involved. Take some online classes, there are plenty of freebies out there. Make some music. Share it. Create some art. Make a mini home gym and stay active. Appreciate your family and friends, near and far, and find new ways to connect and interact with them. Keep the spirits up!

Here’s a good start, it looks like CNET has put together a list of concerts that can be streamed today.

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