Prague Walkabout

Out from Da Capo and down the street we pass by a sign on a bus stop that says Lunch Meat Festival. “I mean.. that can’t be a real festival, right?”, “I dunno man, there could be some major breakthroughs in bologna recently.” 

I think we kind of have to check out this Chinese Restaurant Zombie Bar. Would could that even be?

Looks like it’s just a Chinese restaurant. There are posters showing every single dish in the place outside and there are a crazy amount of dishes.

This one looks mis-labelled to me.

Ahhhhh…. could I get a hummer, my good man?

We come to a vendor lined cobblestone street that seems like it goes to tourist town. Love all the different colored buildings, this city is so cool.

There’s a few of these gravity defying human statues around.

This windy connecting alleyway comes out into a massive open area called Old Town. It’s a large square filled with incredible buildings, tall bell towers and spires, churches, human statues, real statues, restaurant patios, entertainers, giant panda outfits? and a throng of tourists trying to capture the essence of it all. Reminds me of Brussels a tad. Bigger and better though, this place is incredible.

This girl is getting it

Rest up Giant Panda Dude, you busked hard today

We mill about for a bit. It’s an outstanding square. More of an L-shaped rectangle. Insanely picturesque city, Prague was a brilliant launching point for this adventure. Over to the castle? Let’s do it.

Down the street to the river we pass by the Rudolfinum Concert Hall. I saw that Herbie Hancock was in town earlier in the month. It would be super awesome to see him here

There is a bunch of these old timey taxis you can take around the city.

We get down to a bridge across the river. I still can’t get over the variety of colors in the buildings and roofs. A boat tour could be cool.

On the way to the castle we come across a war memorial in a nice grass walkway

This Winged Lion Memorial is dedicated to Czech airmen in the Royal Air Force during World War II

Alright it’s castle time. It’s called Prazsky Hrad which of course sends us into an “I’m gonna Prazsky Hard tonight”, “Sorry for Prazsky rockin” snicker fit as we climb the long ramp up up up to the top.

There’s some fun crusades shit in here

Great view looking back to the city center from here.

This is the largest ancient castle in the world and also the largest inhabited castle worldwide. The president kicks it here. There is a sweet looking cafe that has a balcony facing out to the city but there are no empty seats at the moment. Some jewelry, trinket and chocolate shops and a few restaurants in here too.

Then we come to another magnificent square.

St Vitus Cathedral is the central focal point of the castle and it is an impressive and huge gothic church.

We go in to take a peak. There are kings, emperors and saints buried in this place.

Whelp, I think it’s time for a castle beer. We get a couple of Masters. They’re good, MacKay says they’re 8%.

Now that I’m sitting down a wave of tiredness sweeps me. I suppose I only got an hour of sleep in the Moscow airport today. That feels like a long time ago already. Yep, may need a power nap, it’s still early-ish. The clouds move in and threaten rain. They make good briefly but it’s not enough to get us to budge. We get another beer and then get up to finish the Prague loop.

Down by the river are an insane amount of swans. It’s the most swans i’ve ever seen in one place. Quit looking at me Swan!

We dip into the Kafka gift shop but pass on the museum. There’s an interesting art piece out front of two dudes holding their cocks. Their hips swivel and their dicks go up and down dripping water.

Little bridge over a canal. Beautiful city.

We take the old bridge back. It’s lined with saints and religious scenes. There are artists and musicians and small trinket shops on it.

This super metal looking guy was singing and playing a melodic tune on some instrument that you crank from the bottom while playing wooden levers kind of like a one handed crank accordion. It has a really unique sound. We watch for a bit and toss a tip in, it’s really neat.

At the end of the bridge is another baller square. Czechs really know how to make impressive squares.

We turn up along the river on a return loop back to Post. The view across the river to the castle gives a better idea of how enormous it is up there.

Is that a beaver? Oh yeah, there’s a large rodent guy in the river. He’s nibbling on something. it does look like a beaver. Did you build all of this, little guy? That’s amazing.

Ok, Prague is amazing. Old buildings galore. Sometimes there’s something historic. Sometimes it’s super mundane, like this mini market just jammed in a beautiful old building.

We walk passed a river side beer garden and there’s a guy doing a decent rendition of Sympathy for the Devil on an acoustic.

Yeah, here’s the Herbie Hancock poster. Damn 9/11, we missed it.

Down by the third bridge is the Dancing House. Whacky cool building that looks like it’s been squeezed by a colossal titan.

We get back to Post and have a well earned sit down. That was a great walk around the city. John was right, that’s all you need to do. There are fantastic buildings throughout, you can’t go wrong. Really impressive city, I love it. 

Lack of sleep is really catching up, time to crash out for a couple. Maybe someone in the lounge will have a good dinner suggestion when we’re conscious again.

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