Da Capo Cafe and Cocktail Bar

The Post Hostel is a decent, no frills place. There’s a small common room with some lounge furniture, long tables w benches, TV, guitars, chess and a foosball table. Constant spin of decent hip hop. Tall beers are only 30 crowns. That’s 1.25 for a Kozel. Not a party hostel by any means but social enough. Definitely a good place to start things off.

John is a laid back guy with that smooth Kiwi accent. He’s been here for 10 days now, making this place his home base while he waits to hear about a sales job he’s applied for. He’s going for that digital nomad dream. Power to him, I hope it works out.

We kill a couple of beer chatting. Lots of day left, might as well use it. John says just walking around the city is good. The church, the square, the castle, the river. Just walk around. Alright we will. Cheers.

The whole area around Post is under construction. Lining both streets, they’re redoing the gutters and/or sidewalks. We’re hopping across gaps on little yellow bridges and dodging bobcats. There’s a neo-gothic looking church down the street. The Church of St Ludmila. Might as well start there.

We go in to take a peak quiet and respectful-like as there are a handful of people seated here and there finding solace in their imaginary supervisor. There is a photography collection in here lining each wall. One is sextants on rocks in black and white. It is easily the best sextants on rocks collection I’ve seen. another one is an interesting mix of personal portraits. We respect the no pics thing and just do a quick in and out before our feet start burning.

On the walk out and down the steps MacKay is giggling to himself and playing with his phone. DMX Rough Riders anthem comes on. Jesus dude. So we raise our glocks and slow mo gangster walk down the steps.

Rad looking church, should make an easy landmark for trying to find our way back to Post.

Across the street is the Vinohrady Theatre. Amazing sculptures up top and around the balcony. Site of a timeless quote that will always remain relevant, “If not now, when? If not us, then who?”

A little further down the street and we get distracted by a shining gold dome. Like moths we beeline straight to it. Massive complex, must be a museum. Yep, National Museum. Impressive building with more angels up top, statues everywhere and a large fountain out front.

With crazy gothic shit on every corner and super models everywhere it’s instantly easy to see why people rave about Gotham City Prague.

We turn down another street leading to the river. Colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, amazing turn of the centuries architecture. Like the last 3 at least. There is an event happening with vendors for street grub and wine and a honky tonk band playing on a stage in the quad.

“Wanna grab a coffee?”, “Sure man”, “Could hit that Starbucks. Actually there’s a McDonald’s here too. That’ll do.” About to walk in to a fucking McDonald’s and I wisen up a snitch, “Hey man, you wanna hit a local cafe instead? We’re in Prague and all”, “But I neeeeed my McDonald’s. You’re right, fuck McDonald’s.”

There’s a good looking hole in the wall joint with table seating on the sidewalk called Da Capo Cafe. Good looking bar in here too. Just grab a seat and have it here? Yep. We sit at a bar top facing the street. A super model comes over and says this table is actually reserved, “But you can sit here until the boss comes back. He’s at The Greek so it should be fine”, “Perfect, thanks.” Nice score, sitting in the window seat like a boss.

I get a negroni and MacKay points to a beer and says Balakar please. She comes around to take a look, “Ah Balakach, ok.” I would not have pronounced it like that. Nope.

We get caught up on life events over the past 2.5 years and rail off a dozen new to you stories, laughing and drawing smiles from servers watching old friends get silly. We quickly find ourselves finishing up another round. Great spot to kick it and the people watching is heavenly. Oh dude we need a pic.

Yeah that’ll do. A server catches me quality checking the pic, “Not bad, eh?”, “You want me to take?”, “No, no it’s ok. This one is good”, “Yes, yes, I take for you!” She seems excited about it, might as well go with it, “Yes, please. Thanks.” She gets one from the side and then goes around outside and gets one facing into the place. “Yes, it’s good, yes?”, “Perfect thanks again”, “Quite welcome.”

“Food?”, “Sure why not.” We flag down a girl and put in for Rositto con funghi, pizza da capo and a couple more Balakars. While waiting for it to come we brainstorm on things to do in the area. There’s some great looking countryside North East about an hour away called Cesky Raj that my buddy Rich called a hidden gem. There’s the Church of Bones also an hour away but South East. We could maybe do both and get to Wroclaw in a day. Too ambitious? Might as well try. We could also get to Auschwitz which is nearby in Southern Poland. Well this puts us zig zagging around, might have to get a car after all.

I draw a route into the map. Alright, Church of Bones, Cesky Raj, Wroclaw, Auschwitz, and maybe crash in Krakow? K-K-Kow! Kra-kra-kraKOW! This makes us laugh enough to solidify it as a good plan. James flashes me a screen grab of Stitches, Brick in yo face. Damn, how did I forget about that.

The food lands and dominates

Killer joint we stumbled upon here. Satiated, half a buzz on and a rough itinerary drawn up for the next few days. Solid detective work. We wave down a super model and pay up, time to get back on the Prague walkabout.

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