Going for a curry

We say goodbye to Sue and Dave for now and take the as-of-yet-unnamed Hyundai to the neighboring town of Stanley where Peter’s friend Adam lives. We pull down a narrow street with cars parked on the side walk on both sides. It’s crazy tight and Peter thinks he can back into a parallel parking spot. I’m skeptical. Ooooh backup camera beep beep beeeeeeeeeep we’re in the red. Pull forward beep beeeeeeeep in the red. Backwards beeeeeep forwards beeeeeeeeep. Red zone in the front and back but hey we’re in the spot, nice job!

Row on row of old looking brick and mortar town houses. Knock on number 12 and Adam comes to the door. Ah yes, I remember him from 6 years back too on a rowdy night out in Wakefield. We catch up with him for a bit. Apparently his mom just moved in with him last week. “The place is cleaner than you’ve ever seen it. But I’m not in charge of anything anymore. Noooo, not the boss here.” Haha yep, I’m sure that’s a change of pace after living here alone for a few years.

Peter has a list of 4 things he likes to get while he’s home and curry is one of them. He and Adam go back and forth on places for a bit and we decide on one nearby. Adam has already eaten so won’t be joining. “Proper British now, you’re going for a curry”

Up the road is a place called Kashmiri Aroma. Looks like a decent place, “I feel a little under dressed.” Peter and I are still in the clothes we flew in. It’s been almost 24 hours now. Smellfie hmmmm that could be better. We order up some pints and the waiter bring complimentary poppadom.

Fairly extensive menu, it looks like a legit Indian place. We order something called a Lazzezdaar that is a mixed chicken and lamb dish, a lamb rogan josh, keema naan, and some veggie dish called baingan. Plates on the other tables look deadly, can’t wait.

Oh yeah, this looks good.




Throw it all together on a plate. Great mix of things. The stand out is actually the Baingan veggie dish. Egg plant cooked just right with such a mix of herbs and spices I can’t quite place what they are. Peter and I agree it’s the best thing on the table.


Polished off the plates and are feeling pretty plump at this point. Whoa, it’s 10pm already? Still bright out, I thought it was more like 8. “Sun comes up around 4”, “Really? We’re further North than I thought”. It’s been a long day on bullshit airplane red-eye sleep, we’re doing well to still be upright. This meal may do us in though.

We Hyundai back to Adams and hang for a bit but I’m super struggly and can feel my head nodding. Adam has to work in the morning and so is more than obliged to hit the hay. He gets us some pillows and blankets for the couches that we’re calling home tonight. I don’t need them. I’m out in no time.

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