1,197 km: New Hampshire and Vermont

After crossing into New Hampshire on the I-95 I realized that tollbooths are bullshit – I was paying as much in tolls as I was for gas.  I pulled off onto NH Route 101 and headed west.  I mostly just made time through NH and got onto the Vermont #9.  Really good driving, most of the roadside looked like this:

Vermont roadside

I pulled into Molly Stark State Park – they were out of “tent sites” but they had a “lean-to site”.  I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with this given the bugs so I just put my tent up inside of it:


Lean-to site


I had a couple hours before dark so I hiked up a nearby trail and up an old fire tower:

Fire Tower 1

Fire Tower 2

Heading west into upstate New York from here, then south…


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