Nepal Art Now Exhibit

We walk away from Kaisergruft towards the museum quarter. There is construction all over the place. Streets blocked off and tons of tourists funneled down partitioned sidewalks. They’ve got an impressive drill at one of the sites.

We come to a holocaust monument

Around the corner is the massive Hofburg Imperial Palace with a network of adjoining buildings and wonderful gardens and green space. This is the former palace of the Habsburg dynasty, who’s crypts we just visited, and the current residence and work place of the President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen .

I think it would be difficult to find a more epic Butterfly House than this one. Closed at the moment, unfortunately. Looks like the opening scene to Queenie’s nightmares.

Around the corner from this is the Museum of Ethnology. These anthropological-type museums are usually good. We decide to take a look.

Gorgeous building interior with a huge area in the front that is open from the ground floor to the ceiling with marble staircases going up to columned terraces on each side of the room. There’s a small cafe, a gift shop, and a hang out chill zone in the bottom foyer.

The first room we come to is a rotating exhibit area that is currently being occupied by ‘Nepal Art Now’. This should be interesting.

Here’s the description of the exhibit:

We walk in the room and it explodes into a colorful collage of works depicting Nepalese culture, Bhuddist and Hindu imagery, all mixed with Western influences.

Things get interesting right away.

Some creepy snake stuff here

Lots of Third Eye references throughout

The National animal, the sacred cow

Oh boy, what do we have here?! Buddhist versions of Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong-un? wtf?

MacKay and I are really enjoying this exhibit. It’s colorful, creative, different, informative and thought-provoking all at once.

I like the artist’s explanations of each piece. Rarely do you visit a museum and read every single plaque.

Damn. Some powerful stuff in here. And a good variety of it. I’ve never been to Nepal and don’t pretend to know anything about it really. But this was very engaging. Might have to put Kathmandu and some of those famous mountains on the travel itinerary.

Well this was an excellent start, let’s see what else is in this place.

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