Walk away from the bus station and the change of scenery is instantly noticeable. Not only from Poland to Lithuania, but from Vilnius itself and here. Feels like a small town with quaint houses, some boarded up some plush and lived in. The golds and reds of fall line the streets. This could be a place on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

There are zero tourists about and the switch from cities to small town is a welcome change of pace. Kinda gives me Saturday Night Fever

There’s an I heart Trakai sign that narco wants in on

Up ahead is a church that may be worth a look.

Walk up and there is a cute kitty lounging on the steps. Ahh she’s only got one eye. Still cute.

Enter the church and an old lady behind the souvenirs and donations counter looks over, waves and says something to us in Lithuanian in a raspy voice. Knowing nothing of the language we respond with a nod and “Hello”, she nods in return and motions towards the alter with her hand.

This is a unique place. Never seen art quite like this in a church before. Creeking floor boards ruin any chance of trying to be quiet and respectful but we’re the only ones here anyways. Everything is draped in teal fabric and the art is dark, cracked and ornamented with skull and crossbones.

And here’s Saint Michael looking like a badass with Griffin wings, Golden Gorgon chest plate, Shield of the Sun, Robe of Charisma, Flame Tongue Sword +5 and a permanent aura of blessing

We thank the elder and exit the church. Looks good with the fall trees around it.

Further up the road towards the castle is a park by the water. Time for a romantic stroll. MacKay tries to hold my hand but I slap it away.

The park looks over beautiful Lake Galvé. There are a couple of folks fishing on the pier. Yep, nice to be out of the city

What a gorgeous spot. We are being tailed by a goth couple now. I see one of them posing on a bench while the other gets a pic. No no that’s not gonna do, “Here, I’ll get both of you.. yep… Ok, one more… and longways… perfect!”

They thank me and run off to get married. Ok MacKay, your turn

Out of the park and following the water we come to the backside of some fortress ruins. Up the hill? Yep. It opens up into a wonderful wall of gold

We climb up on some of the ruins. Not much to look at, they’re half buried by the hill and leaves. James tells me to take a pic and for some reason I don’t try to ruin it.

Down by the water now, getting closer to the castle. Just to up the beauty factor they’ve added a bridge, some boats and lake side restaurants. Trakai is turning into a hidden gem

Find some souvenir shops and more restaurants. Must be close now. Ahhh, there she is…

Sweeeeeeet looking castle, let’s get over the bridge and up in there.

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