Mo Mokoro

Back in the mokoros and out on the delta again. KK is still firing off an insane amount of knowledge about everything he sees. I see Mark lean forward and check to see if Jamie is asleep. KK is super chill, “No problem, my friend. It’s nice. Just enjoy it. So peaceful.” It is indeed.

KK says he likes the overnight trips and doing the bush walk in the early morning. Best chance to see cats. He’s spotted something in the water ahead. This guy’s eyes are sharp as a hawks, it’s unreal. What’s he found now? “It’s a python in the water. Rock Python, you see? Good omen”

“Oh shit, it’s big!”, “Yes. This is a good omen, seeing this one. Lucky day.”

A little further along and KK points out a dog down by the water, “He is a goat dog. Trained very young. He will guard them and bite you if you go in the middle of the goats.”

I’m almost falling asleep this is so relaxing. 

“Damn, look at that tree”, “Yes, this is a Baobab tree. You want to go see?”, “Sure.” We beach the mokoros and walk over to take a look. KK bends down and cups his hands to drink right out of the river, “You can drink the water?”, “I am use to it. River tribe. You should not. Please do not.”

“There are honey bees in it. You can use elephant dung to make a smelly fire and blow it in. Makes them dizzy and lazy and then you reach in to get their honey.” There are pro tips, and then there’s KK. “You can pull the bark to make string. It comes off in strips. Very strong. Lots of ways to use the tree. Two elephants straight ahead.” Honestly, what’s with this guys eyesight? I can’t even see them. “Over there”, “Still don’t see them”, “You will. Dark shapes on horizon there.” He’s got blood red eyes, never seen anything like it. Maybe drinking straight out of the Delta gives you super powers. KK can probably see in the dark too.

“Ahh here, skin from the Rock Python. Maybe even one we just saw”

We get back in the mokoros and continue down river. We get passed by a speed boat that slows down so it’s wake doesn’t eff us. “You have to be careful around hippos. Hit one under water with the propeller in a speedboat once. Felt terrible.”

We get back and unload the mokoros. We thank KK and BT, they were the best. KK could not have been a better guide. Super knowledgeable, funny, told stories, all natural, not forced at all. A genuine character. While we’re shaking hands KK points at a giant elephant on the horizon walking through the water. “He can see us. You can tell he is aggressive. The ones with a muddy line on their ears are aggressive. We call those the mask. Very difficult, the mask”, he draws his finger across his face in the shape, “If you look close, sometimes you will see a 5th leg haha.” Perfect exit, he clasps us on the forearm and claps our backs. What a killer fella. 

KK snaps a shot of us all before really saying goodbye

We give them a great tip and they deserve it. Unfortunately, while we’re waiting for the boats, an old lady in crushed velvet gathers them all around and is splitting up the cash between all the guides. “That sucks. The guide for the Dutch took them out for 20 minutes. KK was a million times better than that guy”, “Yep, guess that’s just how it is.”

The boats return and everyone loads up for passage back to Maun.

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