Mosquitoes, Ostriches, Kudu and Springbok

I wake up just a couple of hours into what should have been a good night’s sleep. I’m getting absolutely eaten alive. Damnit. There must be a mosquito in here. Itchy from 5, 6, 7, 8 bites now. Zizzzzzt! right by my ear. Ah fuck! I’m up. Sheets hit the wall. Gotta kill it. The phone flashlight reveals a ton of bugs over by the kitchen. Where’s that damned mosquito?! Scan the living room. Yup. Mosquito on the ceiling. Get the dish towel. Reach up. Boom! Explode all the blood she’d gathered across the ceiling. Oh shit there’s another one. Slam! Toast. And another. Swing and a miss. Dah, lost it. Where are you, you little shit? On my wrist. Ha-kah! blood everywhere. Fuck it’s only 1:47am. That cuts perfectly into the middle of my sleep. I expect this will be one of many uncomfortable, bug riddled nights.

Reminder: Start taking doxy tomo.. er.. today.

Back to sleep. Hear one in my ear again, Zizzzzzzzt! Faaaawk! My feet are massacred. Daah, so itchy! Jump up again. I’m livid. Kill 2 more. It’s 3:33 now. Fucking mosquitos! Back asleep. Too hot, pop an arm out. It gets lit up w bites. It’s 530. Itching my arm. Fuck this, I might as well get up.

The boys start stirring not too long after. “You guys get destroyed by mosquitoes last night too?”, “Ahh nope. Not a single bite”, “Whhaaaat?!” No one else got bitten. I’m just the rotten meat in the corner attracting all the bugs? Wtf. So cranky.

A cute orange hostel cat is here hanging out with us as we get ready. So soft. Ok, I can’t be too mad.

Cats and pots and cats and pots and cats and pots

We shower up and get the truck packed. Time for Jamie to give ol’ Belinda a test drive. He gets used to it quick enough. There are some new cobblestone roads on Jamie’s maiden voyage here in Hondeklipbaii.

Leaving the little town we spot some morning ostriches meandering about and have to let a few pass in front of the truck. We get out of Hondeklipbaii and drive straight into the sun through the Namaqua Park. This place is known for its stunning poppy super blooms in spring. Probably beautiful here when that happens. Whole lot of nothing here now though.

The road is a total washboard. We take a minute to deflate the tires for a smoother ride.

For some reason I start singing the “Now you’re a man!” song from Orgasmo

Ahh that’s so much better. Feels like a bouncy boat now.

Cruising through the valley and we spot a Kudu from the road. What a bold, magnificent creature. Amazing horns twist up from its head into two points. A little further along and there are a couple of Springboks bolting away as we rattle-clank our way over the dirt. This is cool, only ever seen these antelopes in a zoo before today.

We pass a cute farm at one point. It gives a bit of a poppy teaser. Must be self-sufficient cuz we are nooooowhere.

We come out of the park and meet a highway that takes us into a decent sized town named Springbok. We roll in and find a small shopping area. Feels odd to drive through a bunch of nothing and then suddenly be in here

There’s a grocery store named Clerks to re-up at. Mark and I find a good looking wine section in a closed off booze room. Ahh there we go, we find a Magnum of Wolftrap, our current go to wine this trip. Oh nice there’s some silicone, big cube ice trays too. Score.

A girl comes in and tells us it’s closed. She just can’t lock it. Whaa.. Guess they don’t sell alcohol on Sundays in South Africa? Well I’m glad we found the ice cube trays at least. We apologize and leave the booze room. Guess we’ll have to stock up again tomorrow.

So this is what the kids are into these days

We pick up some essential roadtrip grub: PB and Skweezi

We also find some decent looking ostrich rolls for an easy on the go snack and get back to Belinda.

Did you guys move the gas bottles?” The two blue propane gas canisters on the back look a little twisted round in their clamped enclosure. I suppose the washboard road could have rattled them around but it’s also just as likely that someone tried to take them last night and gave up on it. Lucky to still have the ladder and shovel actually. Andrew from The Backpack had warned us about stowing them at night. Sucks that it feels like only a matter of time before something gets gone.

Another hour on the highway North of Springbok brings us to the border of Namibia in a place called Vioolsdrift. It looks barren, hopefully this won’t take long. We’ve heard a lot of great things about Namibia. The scenery, the safari animals, the people. Sounds like it has a bit of everything between the dunes of Sossusvlei, the charming looking capital, Windhoek, Etosha National Park, the desolate Skeleton Coast, and up to the Caprivi Strip threading the borders of five countries. Can’t wait! Let’s get in there.


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