Honnehokke Resort

Honnehokke Resort

We’ve lost the locals we met that are going to hike Fish River Canyon at this point as we zigzag around the closed roads of Hondeklipbaii searching for camping or lodging. This Honnehokke Resort place looks decent.

We pull in the driveway and roll back to a small abode surrounded by chalets and what looks like a couple of truck camping spots. An elite task force of four yorkshire terriers come bark-sniffing straight at us as we get out and walk up to the place. 

An older gentleman emerges from the central building and walks right over to introduce himself. His name is Adrian. He gets a little background on where we’re from and the trip and then offers to show us around. Couldn’t be a nicer fella. He tells us he can’t do the truck camping but has a chalet if we want to see it. We’re kinda pumped to stay in the truck again.. but yeah, let’s take a look.

It’s a no frills place with 4 beds, kitchen, bathroom and a little patio. Drisdelle suggests, “It does have a shower…”

I suppose we’ve got the whole trip to camp with the truck, let’s do it.

Adrian is pleased, we follow him to the house to pay up (only comes to $40-50 usd) and I write my name and passport number in his booking notepad. “There’s a little pool here and a bar if you’d like a beer”, “Oh wow this is nice!” There is also ping pong and a pool table. Cool spot, too bad it looks like we’re the only ones staying here tonight, this common area is sweet.

Adrian grabs some wood and brings it back over to the chalet to get us set up with the braai. “Looks like a nice sunset. There’s a shipwreck down in the cove just there, so you know. Enjoy!”, we thank him and wish him a good evening.

The terriers help us get our stuff from the truck.

Ahh this is kind of nice. We crack some beers and chill on the porch for a sec. Actually that sunset is looking cool. We grab some roadies and mosey back to the beach.

The driveway leading in to Honnehokke is lined with something that resembles… elephant rib bones painted with swan faces? They’re arranged to look like they’re drinking out of a giant urn.

Uh-oh we’d better boogie or we’ll miss sundowner. We pass a little church on the way

Never seen the sun pancake itself on the horizon quite like this. It seems to take a very long time to set.

Being in the middle of nowhere sure does have it’s charm. We pass by a group of people sitting out on the deck taking in the sunset as well, “Beautiful evening”, “It sure is.” They raise some beers for a long range cheers. We adhere, raise em up in the air.

No one down here at all

The ruins of this building make a good spot for a bird rave, mad flockin n’ squawkin

Peter gets his tripod set up…

…and snaps these beauties…

After the photo shoot we head back to Honnehokke to chill. Soft lighting around the property gives it a welcoming glow.

We get a fire going on the braai but decide to just make a charcuterie plate for dinner with some goat cheese from Fairview, gouda, cheddar, horseradish mustard, a baguette also from Fairview (super glad we stopped there), brie and marmalade. We picked up some crackers in Lambert’s Bay and they are so weird. They look like typical saltine crackers but get a little gummy once you start eating them. There’s no way you could pass the saltine cracker challenge with these things.

We start looking at potential routes through Namibia and Botswana. We should get over the Namibian border tomorrow afternoon. Richtersveld Transfontier Park serves as a gateway. The Orange River runs through it and acts as the border line between South Africa and Namibia. There’s probably a place to stay in the park, we’ll just get there and figure it out. 

We’re gonna have to adjust the schedule to early mornings for driving. Vast distances between places. But that’s a problem for future us, “Drinks, monsieur?”

“Mini Ginnies?”, Drisdelle has come up with some drinks with what’s left of the gin. Despite our seemingly large haul from the liquor store the other day, we’ve still managed to drastically underestimated our alcohol intake. “We have to re-up already?”, “Yeah, that’s it for the gin. And the beer. And the wine too actually”, “Well this is simply unacceptable!!”

It’s a pleasant evening, great temp and quiet as the depths. We kick back with our mini ginnies and a few other concoctions. It makes for a relaxing night just shooting the shit until we’re basically falling asleep in our chairs.

We decide it’s group night-night and sort ourselves into the beds. I hit the head beforehand and get some advice from the back of the toilet seat.

Looks like it’ll be Namibia tomorrow then. Can’t wait


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