Cause | Effect

We get down round to The Backpack again and drop off the truck. Grab a drinkipoo while people are getting out of their hiking garb. Glad we stayed here, it’s an excellent hostel. I wander around some more with a beer.

Everyone’s ready to rock. Drisdelle and Cooney say there’s a good bar just around the corner that serves insane cocktails called Cause | Effect. We’ll kick things off there

Cause | Effect

Good vibe in here

The Cause | Effect menu classifies the place as an experiential cocktail, kitchen, and brandy bar. One glance at the menu and they’re not kidding. This place looks bonkers

We order up five completely different cocktails and some food. Priscilla starts going on about something. “Guys.. I brought.. something with me. I’m not sure if your willing to try or not.” She’s reaching into her handbag. What the fuck is it, drugs? “It’s a hacky sack” haha great delivery. “I thought you were gonna have a baggie of coke or something”, “I have something better. Hacky Sack”, “Ok, we’ll get drunk and try to hacky sack. Good plan lol.”

The drinks come out and they’re simply ridiculous. The presentation is really off the charts.

The Cape Sugar Bird – Jamie’s penchant for absinthe now has him drinking out of a bird’s flaming ass

Ritchie the Rainbow Sparkle Unicorn – I mainly got this because the name reminded me of my friend Benny. I had no idea it would be an exact drink representation of him. 

The Pisces – This thing comes out with smoke rolling from the seashell creating a misty mystique along the rocks and box that it’s served in. Priscilla’s face is priceless when it comes around the corner.

Mark keeps it classy with this swell looking sidecar

And the last to arrive is Peter’s beer that simply has masking tape on it with ‘Wasted‘ written in sharpie

So an all around incredible presentation of five drinks I’ll have to say. Top marks for bringing the low profile Wasted in last for sure.

Priscilla tells us a story about going on a hike in Kruger and the guide handing them some rounded rocks he’d found, “Note the interesting texture. Now put it in your mouth”, several of them do, “Note the interesting taste”, they do, “That, my friends, is giraffe shit” haha amazing. And then he told them to line up and see how far they could spit it. Wow.

Alright Jamie, drink that bird’s ass. “It’s good!”

Hmmm let me try that

The food comes out and it also looks great. Simple fare like burgers, wraps and fries, but sometimes that’s just what the drunktor ordered. Two ostrich wraps in one day? Why the hell not

Well, I can’t resist trying a negroni and the menu has an interesting one: Hot Spiced Coffee Negroni

I’m intrigued. It comes with a side sorbet, interesting. Whoa it’s hot and spicy alright. Hmmm I dunno. It’s still well balanced like a negroni but each of the flavors is enormously twerked and exaggerated. I don’t… dislike it. Actually I’m kind of liking this now. Actually I’d better have another one.

A new crew comes in and they seem to know everyone that works here. It’s like a reunion or something going on. Good hugs. A sweet jump hug, don’t see a lot of sweet jump hugs these days. Lots of high fives. Between this new energy and that from our drinks I’d say things are scaling nicely. We get the bill and ask the server to group pic us. Alrighty then, let’s really get this cocktail crawl underway


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