Lion’s Head Sundowner

Before we get up to Lion’s Head we’re gonna need some sundowner beers and a quick bite since we just spent 4 hours getting the truck and have no fuel in our own tanks. A quick stop going up the hill towards the mountain finds us everything we need.

Like the simplicity of these beers. Better nab six of those.

Ohh and an ostrich meat pie? Yes please! Narmz. Whoa, that’s really good.

We chow down on the short walk back to the truck

Good view down on the city already and we’ve only gotten to the parking spot

Priscilla suggests getting a pic with our kickass new whip

The hill up to the hike is decently steep but nothing 4 hungover detectives can’t tackle. We spot a cute lil grouse on the way up.

Good view off the back side towards the Cape Peninsula that scenery slayed us yesterday.

Suns going down, moon’s coming up

Round a corner and now we’re looking out at a point with a single building and road overlooking downtown. This hike is already great.

Guess we’ll be taking the right then

Oh yeah, it’s steep. “Mark, aren’t you afraid of heights or something?”, “Not now, buddy”


Almost to the top now and things are narrow and steep. Lot’s of hamstring burning lunges across big rocks. None too worse for wares though. I hear a kid behind us, “Why do we have to wait for all these ugly butts?” His mom starts apologizing. It’s too funny to be mad.

Made it to the top. And perfect timing. The sun sitting nicely between some clouds and the ocean. Just epic. Windy af up here. We crack our sundowner brews and walk around the peak to take in the sights.

Priscilla runs and jumps on the sign, “Get a pic!”

She returns the favor with this legendary shot

Good view across to Table Mountain too. Yep, this hike was a great call.

“So the lights of the city are coming on, we should probably boogie”, “Yep, chains in the dark, no bueno”, “Ready?”

Alright, chains in the dark it is then. Glad we had the foresight to bring some headlamps. Once the moon is behind the Lion’s Head it’s basically lights out up here.

We make our way passed the chains to the easier parts. As usual it’s way faster going down. Crack what’s left of the beers and enjoy the walk.

Get back to the truck and the city is lit up beautifully. We’ve got one night left in Cape Town. Let’s get out there and kill it.


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