St James and Simon’s Town

The detectives get up and at em. Our room is sweet. Four beds, fridge, our own bathroom w shower, and skylights to feed it some natural light. Table Mountain is right there beside us.

We go down to the common area and grab breakfast from the bar. It’s a simple cereal, breads and boiled eggs dealy with coffee and tea. All the tables are full so I ask a girl if we can join at hers. No problem. Her name is Priscilla. She’s from Texas but lives in Sacramento. She was on a medical mission here and extended her stay to check out the area. She tells us about a village where people are cutting off pinkies as a baby to protect them from diseases. She met one guy with an extra finger.

Priscilla is super nice and personable and we’re laughing and getting along easily over breakfast. We offer to take her on our drive today but she says she’s got a tour guy coming to pick her up already. We’ll hang out later.

While Peter goes to grab a shower, Mark and I explore The Backpack a little more. It’s a sprawling complex that turns into a bit of a maze. We find a back area with a pool and a nice garden to hang in.

Narocpiggy befriends hostel cat

We fire up the Polo and head South on the M3 out of Cape Town towards the Cape Peninsula. Within a half hour we’re at a quaint place called St James with a nice beach. Looks like a good surfing beach and a small one street town. Stoked hostel right by the beach certainly promotes it as such.

We park up the Polo and get down to the beach. Ah shit. We go back and pop the trunk to drop off our machine guns, tomahawks, machetes and maces. Ok, now we’re ready for the beach.

It’s a pleasant day and the scenery is great. Colonial looking town nestled into the hillside by the water with a beautiful beach.

We find more of these guys making trails in the sand like we saw on the Garden Route.

We walk down the beach for a while, dip our toes in the water. As always, we are on a bit of a time limit though and there’s lots of cape left so we head back to the Polo. Oh! We haven’t gotten a pic with all of us in it yet

We come to a larger town called, Fish Hoek but don’t stop. A little further and the Colonial style buildings ramp up even more in a place called Simon’s Town. Alright, let’s have a looksie.

Walking around Simon’s Town I find a plaque for Lord Nelson. I used to work at a hotel named after him way back in Halifax.

It’s a beauty day. The boats rock quietly in the cove. People are kayaking and sailing. Not too many touristy types. Pretty town on the water, what more do you want?

The town has a navy base in it and there is a warship moored up. Cannons fire off sounding that it’s noon. We take a look around for a place to chill for a sec. We find a balcony down by the water and order some breakfast sandwiches, espressos and waters. I don’t think anyone’s feeling 100% after the gin and Francois last night.

Navy cadets run by chanting songs while we sit there and a Xylophone player sets up nearby to play for tips and add a light accompaniment to the afternoon. 

I like this hot sauce bottles play on the Zuid-Afrika initials. Yep, it’s hot. Whoa, slow burner.

Back to the Polo, we continue down the cape peninsula. “I think there are penguins or something down here somewhere”, “Penguins?”, “Yep, penguins.”

Alright, let’s go find some penguins.

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