African Penguins in Boulders

We leave Simon’s Town and continue South along the cape. Oh, that place with the penguins is right beside us. A little town called Boulders. We park and walk down to the entrance. There’s a small fee to get in. Through the gate and on to a boardwalk that leads down along the beach and water.

African penguins. Yep, that makes sense.

Don’t forget to reuse your plastic jugs as penguin breeding dens

It’s nice down here too. Pretty vistas and coastline.

We run into Priscilla from the hostel on the boardwalk. Her tour guy took her down this way as well. She came in the opposite direction though and has been further South on the cape already. “Ah man, I should have just come with you guys”, “Well, we’ll meet you back at The Backpack and go get drinks or something later.”

There are a handful of funny African Penguins on the walk down to the beach, waddling around and chasing one another. They’re fun to watch and insanely cute.

The motherlode is at the beach though. So unbelievably adorable, you could watch them for hours

The babies look funny with all of there fluffy feathers. Ahhhhh why are penguins sooooooo cute?!!

We watch them hop around and run-waddle and swim and trip and roll and be silly. Can’t stop laughing at these fucking penguins.

Ok ok, but we should do the rest of the cape still and get back in time to meet up with Drisdelle.

We pry ourselves from the playful penguins and power dash back to the Polo.

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