We’re a little late getting up. Maybe a bit too much plum wine with Kendama Kane last night. There’s an amazing picture of a castle over the bed with Vie de France written beside it. I’ve never seen this place, what is it? Mont Saint-Michel. Wow, may have to get there.

We grab a day pack and hoof it down to the train station. Gotta get out to Uno Port and catch the ferry to Naoshima. The island has a collection of art installations held in museums whose architecture is a work of art in themselves. We’ve been getting recommendations the whole trip to go see this place so we’re making damn sure we fit it in.

There’s a large mural in the station with those weird old guys masks and the good health butt rackets


We save some time this morning by just grabbing some grub at the station. Hamburg dogs? Nah. Cheesy bun, pizzas and a tasty bean salad. Fueled up.





The train ride to Uno Port only takes about 40 minutes. Do they play a lot of Uno here? There are a lot of French tourists on the train. We get to the port and everyone beelines to the ferry terminal for tickets. Next boat is just a half hour. Just enough time to grab a coffee from this high tech vending machine. Better than others but not nearly Bob / Caffe Ponte grade.


The ferry arrives and we file on. It’s nice and comfy. We get some seats by the window. Reminds me of taking the ferry to PEI as a kid. I spot a large, colorful fish mural by the pier when we leave.






It doesn’t take long to get to Naoshima. We exit the ferry and hop a bus to the middle of the island. It drops us and we’ve got about 10 minutes to get the next one up to the Benessee House.

We take a quick look around. It’s another beauty day and this quiet island is splendid



There’s a giant Yayoi Kusama spotted pumpkin installation on the pier in the distance. Don’t have time for it before the bus gets here. Hopefully we can check it out on the way back.


Oh there’s one on the bus too


We hop the bus to Benesse. Instead of heading in there we just start walking straight on to Chichu. We looked it up and from what I can gather it might just be the best museum on the planet so I want plenty of time to investigate. The walk is pretty along an autumn colored road. We’re the only ones on it.


We get to Chichu and there is a museum guide waiting at the entrance to the driveway. “This way please. Do not go around the compound. Head directly downstairs and you will be directed.” Whoa, ok. I guess there’s a specific way to navigate this place that they strictly enforce. I like it, this is going to be very very interesting…



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