That’s right! Before coming on the trip I’d made up my mind to propose to Queenie in Japan. I knew it was going to be a great trip, just the two of us, and we were going to love it. The timing was right and I had absolutely no doubt that Queenie was the one I wanted to spend my life adventure with. She’s my best friend, we allow each other to flourish as our true selves, comfortably, as equals, and laughing all the time. People often say I’m a lucky person and I tell them, “Have you read the blog? I’m not lucky at all, it’s a mess! Lucky to be alive, maybe.” But there are multiple times every day that I spend with Queenie and I truly truly do feel lucky to have her. She’s unique, fun, easy going, brilliant, and the cute meter is off the charts. There’s a special love there that seems impossible to find and I’m definitely lucky to have it (I’m gonna stop now or I’ll have nothing to say for my vows when the time comes).

I love her and it was time to make it legit, so before the trip I went into a local jeweler in Redlands and picked out a ring. Didn’t even take long. I saw one right away that I liked and would suit her perfectly. Dainty and not gaudy. Subtle, simple and beautiful. The shop owner said “I know all diamonds are old, but this one seems especially old. I picture it carved from some piece in a regal estate overseas somewhere.” I liked this little story. It gave the ring a certain mystere and history. He was very polite, genuinely happy for me and excited to find out that this was how I was going to propose. A great experience all around.

Ok, enough backstory, the time was right to make this happen. It’s all coming together as planned. I had searched online for a place with a spectacular view of Mount Fuji. I knew this would be an unforgettable moment that we could look back on fondly forever.

I set up the selfie stick/gorilla pod combo on the deck chair and told Queenie to stand to the right of Mount Fuji. She thought we were just going to snap a killer pic, didn’t suspect a thing. While she was looking around I snuck over to my backpack where I’d hid the ring in an inside pocket (and checked constantly the whole trip thus far, freaking out at the thought of it getting lost or stolen!).

I hide the ring as I come out onto the balcony. Mildly nervous but mostly excited. I need Queenie to turn around so I can surprise her. I point out across the lake, “I think that restaurant, High Spirits, we’re going to later is just over there passed the bridge.” It works! She turns around to see and I drop to one knee and wait for her to turn back around. When she does I’ve got the box open and a pretty ring sparkling in the sun for her. She’s totally shocked, completely surprised, Yes! I somehow remember to take a picture.


I’m not sure exactly how this all went down here, the adrenaline, excitement rush was pretty overwhelming. I think it was, “Queenie, I love you do you want to spend your life with me?” and then I think she said, “It’s about time!” or something funny, and then “Yes, yes of course!” We kissed and I put the ring on her finger. We’re jointly overjoyed and a little in disbelief. “Oh, we’re getting married!”


We set up some chairs on the deck and grab a couple of our train beers to celebrate with. We’re so happy. Queenie still can’t believe it. We check the pictures to see if it came out ok (yes, that was the best one I got). They’re ok. I think we can do better though. After another beer we’re just silly enough to go for a redo so I suggest that we put the bacon and egg costumes on that we bought in Shibuya for Halloween but never used. Queenie thinks this idea is hilarious and we’re cackling in the room as we but these crappy costumes on.

I look at the first picture and figure that we need some better placement on the deck to really capture the lake and mountain, and I should be facing toward the camera, not away. We get into position and snap it.

Our first and only picture of this is just waaaaaaaay to perfect to believe. We break down laughing over it for a solid 30 minutes. Put it online! OMG. I’ve gotta send it to my family just for double shock factor. I didn’t tell anyone I was going to propose. Doubling down on the proposal with these silly outfits… I can just picture people’s reaction (The responses from our family and friends were basically “Wow! You got engaged! Congratulations! Wait… is this real??!”).


After we recover from our own silly selves, we have a seat on the deck and just take it in. The view, the stillness, the perfect weather, the fact that we’re now engaged. Can’t stop smiling. We relax for a bit, chuckle about the picture a little more, and then decide we should make this engagement day amazing. Let’s get out there and explore.

There are free bikes we can snag from the lobby and I think there’s a ropeway nearby that can take us up to another good view of Mt. Fuji. Bike around the lake on this beautiful day? We’re doing it. So fun.

I love Queenie. And I also love these terrible outfits now.
What goes together better than bacon and eggs?


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