To Fujikawaguchiko

Wake up early (again) and Queenie is already up. “Where’s my French Jazz?!”, we scramble for our phones trying to be the first one to put it on. I’m not sure how getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night and walking 10 miles a day is working, but we’re doing it. Might need a break soon. Maybe Fujikawaguchiko and Lake Kawaguchi in the Fuji Five Lakes area will be our recovery spot.

We pack up the remainder of our stuff and head down the street from the hostel to the same breakfast spot as yesterday. Ohhhhh, different spread today. I like this little place. The same classical piano station is on.


Whoa, they have breakfast pizza? We get a good mix of stuff, 2 pizzas and a couple of buns. Wa-Whoa there’s curry in the buns! Oishi!


It’s so good we need a second angle!


Breakfast pizzzzzzzza


Back to Anne Hostel and check out. Maybe I’ve been knocking the location a bit, but all in all it’s a fine hostel (it did win Hostelworld’s Best Hostel in Tokyo for 2016). We grab our stuff and hit the rush hour metro. It is super packed on the subway, especially with our backpacks. Once everyone gets off at Akihabara we notice the bench seats are folded up to allow more people in during peak hours. That’s a cool design.

We get to the JR booth in the station and use our rail pass to get some ‘free’ tickets to Otsuki station on the Chuo Line limited express. It’s exciting to be moving on to another area of Japan. We get a few train rockets for the ride and settle in on the shinkansen.


For a brief moment I have time to actually work on the blog


Narco spends his time getting smammered


We get off and walk to the fujikyu station that has a train soon leaving for Fujikawaguchiko. Oh Fuji Q baby I love you, Fuji Q! There are a loooot of tourists on this route. My favorite three so far are all wearing cheetah print. Actually two of them are wearing the exact same sweater. Twin cheetahs heading to Mt Fuji.

The train is a nice little colab with the Swiss. Gondolas and trains, them Swiss I tell ya.


We get in to the Kawaguchiko station and daaaaaaaamn is this place gorgeous. We can see Mount Fuji right next to us and Lake Kawaguchi is sublime. We hail a taxi to take us from the station to the place we have booked called the Mizuno hotel. I hope it lives up to the pics I saw online, I’ve got a lot riding on this one. It occurs to me that this is our first time in a car since arriving in Japan.

Pull up to Mizuno and it is really really nice. There is a great view over the lake. Xmas decorations are already set up in the lobby. Things are looking swaaaaaanky.


The pleasant staff gets us all checked in. We get them to also book us a rez at a deadly looking izakaya not too far away called High Spirits. Super helpful, they hook it up. We’re all set for what I think is going to be a great food experience later.

We head up to the room. There is a large window looking straight across the lake at Mount Fuji. Yep, this is gonna work amazingly well.


I crack open the balcony door and take a step out. Getting excited now! I mean, look at that! Queenie can’t believe it, “Oh it’s so nice! Wow!”

What a view!!!


This is so bomb! The lighting is perfect. The view is outstanding. No clouds, are you kidding me? I’m gonna have to do this now, it’s too perfect. It might not be this good later.

I go get the gorilla pod and selfie stick and start setting it up on the back of one of the deck chairs. This is so awesome, it looks just like it did online. You see the only reason I got the damn selfie stick in the first place is so I wouldn’t need anyone’s help setting up the perfect picture right here at this exact spot.

Because this is where I envisioned proposing to Queenie….


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