Big Buddha Samui

I wake up to the sound of creaking springs and bending metal. Drisdelle is shuffling his position on the crazy loud pull out bed where he’d slept in his clothes even though he had a much more comfortable full sized bed all to himself just 5 feet away.

We head down to the beachside breakfast buffet. The view is amazing.


Good buffet, not as good as Amari though. They have the sauce I put on my dish right after getting out of the hospital yesterday. Perfect


We grab our stuff and check out of the Regent. We’ve got a bit of time before airport o’clock so we take a taxi up to the Big Buddha on the island.



There are strict clothing restrictions in Thailand for visiting the temples and Buddhas. Mostly for girls it seems. There’s the no shoes thing, but girls also can’t wear shorts or show their shoulders. So There was a little rack of robes that visitors could wear to approach Big Buddha. The sign was a little confusing.


We had a little walk about, good view at the top. I liked the ‘don’t sitting around’ signs.


The rest of the place was basically just junk vendors but we weren’t really in the mood for trinkets or anything. There was another odd section off to the side with some strange mermaid monster thing.


We also keep finding these Alien and Predator statues everyhwere on the island. They’re badass looking.


We sit at a local ice cream spot for a bit with a scoop of tiramisu and then head to the airport


Get checked in with Bangkok Airways and have a bit of time to kill before the flight. It’s a cool outdoor area in the airport with free snacks. We grab some beers and I try to catch up on the blog. They are playing hilarious lounge versions of songs like YMCA, Hot Stuff, and Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.


Our flight gets delayed by an hour. I fire a message off to McBurger. Kind of a relaxing morning really. We’d filled our bodies with so much junk at The Green Mango, a chill momo felt pretty good.

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