Back to Khaosan

Our Tuk Tuk dropped us back on Khaosan Road. We were still a little stunned by what we’d just witnessed at the ping pong show and decided we needed to find some drinks and allow time for the event to proper distill in our minds.

We found a suitably creepy spot back by where we’d originally eaten earlier. A giant gold faced buddha figure with disturbing long red toenails glared down at us, casting shame at our disgraceful antics. We ordered a tower of Chang and wondered how quickly we could have fallen so far.


But really we spent most of the Chang tower talking about how the ping pong show can be improved. They’ve laid the foundtion for sure, but now that the talents are discovered and the scene set there is a whole other platuea that the ping pong show can reach. Holiday themes for example, carnival type games or sheer sport. Again this takes MacKay back to the Rambo III intro, “You know, people throwing cash down on it. 2 girls. How many targets can they hit?!”

Cool little patio we found here, I’m not actually sure what the name of it was.


We wind things down on the patio laughing our way to the bottom of 5 Litres of Chang. Queenie is having a hard time with the humidity so we decide to just head back to our VIP patio with some beers that we bought off of the street. Khaosan Road is pumping at this point, “Laughin gas?”, “Buckets?”, “Scorpion?”, “Ping Pong show?”, “Marijuana?”, “Fish massage?”, “Thai massage?”, “Sex, sir?”.



Back at Pannee Lodge we hop the tiny elevator to our penthouse spread. Good spot we found here. Super close to the start of noisy Khaosan Road but then the little VIP section on the roof is quiet with just the sound of trickling fountains


Tha Queebs hits the hay followed soon after by Agent Getz. McBurger and I catch up on several mission debriefings over the course of a few Chang. Then of course the planning for the next adventure sets in already and we stay up talking about [—-DFN Seguridad level 9—-] until the wee hours of zee marnin

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