Bird Street


While the Adventure Detectives were crashed out in Bao’s Safe House, the Si Agents skipped out on their own to gather more intel (they brought Narcopiggy along with them). The following is an excerpt from Tha Queebs’ field journal that was, for some reason, hand delivered by messenger hamster to Dr Birdrito at The Agency and then flown by winged carrier piglet back to us in Hong Kong the exact same day…

Beester, Jambber and James (aka Chittybear ) had a crazy fun night at Tai Po till the sun came up. They were too tired to get up for our city tour with Bao.

So just me and Bao~ sister time in HK!!


We went to a traditional breakfast place couple block away from Bao’s apartment, The place is very small and you have to share the table with other customers. I got the beef soup with noodles…. Ummm nom nom nom!

We took subway to bird street, I am a big bird lover so we definitely need to visit this place!!

The bird street is actually a small lane, couple block away from the subway station, together with the nearby Flower street, Goldfish street and Women street. You will see a traditional Chinese style gate at the start of this pedestrian alley.


Like you would take your dog to the park, here you see people with their cages taking their birds for “walks”. You can see those bird owners come and socialize.

Stores are very tiny, it lacks in size it more than makes up with the variety of birds, bird food and stuff for birds!


Was going to buy some goodies for Birdrito. But it was overwhelming, too much fun stuff!


Bird food package:  the bags full of live crickets or grasshoppers which scared me a lot!


The quality of life is not very good here apparently …


Ohhhh Birdrito’s cousins


Ohhhh Birds are soooo cute! I want to catch ‘em all!

Sis got me Birdcandy! ( not made from bird…)


We also went to goldfish street and flower street.


Flowers got sweater to protect them, Ohhhh so cute…


Goldfish street shops have the most interesting way to display their goods I’ve ever seen: you see thousands of bagged fish and marine creatures of all shapes and color lining the walls of the aquatic shops.


Hope they can find their home soon…

On the way back sis took me to the famous dessert shop: Hui Lau Shan. I love mango a lot!!! Got mango combo! Nom!


Sisters day is so fun as always!!!


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