Museo de las Momias

(So there are some horrifying pictures in here you may not want to look at. You’ve been warned…)

We took the time to visit this unique and freaky museum while in Guanajuato called Museo de las Momias.

“It was in 1865 that cemetery workers in the Santa Paula Pantheon exhumed the remains of Dr. Remigio Leroy, and were astonished to find that his body had not decayed, but had instead mummified. Over time, more than 100 of these natural mummies would be discovered during exhumation from their crypts.”

So ya, basically it’s a museum filled with well preserved ‘accidental mummies’. It was kind of cool, kind of creepy, and, well the pictures will do the talking:






If you’re gonna die…


They found a Chinese girl…


And some babies…

20140923_114522 20140923_114513 20140923_114437



There were also some mummy xrays… 20140923_114609 20140923_114557

some reeeeally creepy pictures that reminded me of some Tool videos

20140923_114732 20140923_114715 20140923_114652

And to top things off, a mummified pregnant lady and her mummy fetus…20140923_114910

It was another interesting, albeit it slightly unsettling, experience.

Fortunately, when we came out of the museum beautiful Guanajuato was sitting just below us to brighten things back up again


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