Guanajuato Summit

First thing in the morning we head to a payphone on the corner to call our Mexican insurance provider and extend our now out-of-date insurance. James is on the phone for all of 5 seconds before getting put on hold for 5 minutes. In that time I truck over to Cowfee for some lattes to fuel our blitz of what time we have left in Guanajuato. When I get back he’s still on hold. Apparently they found someone who can speak english but then they put him on hold for a couple minutes at a time before getting more info from him. I tell him Cowfee is closed and he tells me that they just realized the insurance person who runs the machines in Tijuana isn’t in to work yet and they can’t help us. Efficient. Off to a good start.

We walked down the street and grabbed some breakfast at a quaint little spot. They played solely Guns n’ Roses the entire time we were there. Ran into a couple who were visiting from Orange County, CA and our conversation revolved around how great we both thought Guanajuato was. The place was tiny and we went up a narrow set of stairs to eat on an upper inside balcony. Very odd coffee. Not sure how to describe it. We both liked it but I hadn’t tasty coffee like that before. Kind of floral.
After we ate we went behind the main theater in town to a cable car that took us up to the summit where the buff dude with the sword overlooked the city. The view up there was outstanding
20140923_103013 20140923_10294820140923_102859 20140923_102917
And here’s a sweeping panoramic. Have a click on that
Came back down and <insert classic shopping montage> I picked up a slew of leather bracelets on the cheap and upgraded my Sack of Many Things to a more weather proof Bag of Holding +2.
From there we booked it across town and up a bazillion, steep, butt shaping stairs to the creepiest museum I think I’ve ever been to, Museo del Momias…
Taking a stair master break on the way to the museum.