All cleaned up post castle hike we spiral down to the alleys and head back into the beautiful squares of old town Kotor. The whole area is pleasantly lit in soft yellow and the ambient lights from windows in the stone buildings. It’s a medieval masterpiece and we wander around taking it in for a bit while scouting dinner spots.

There are a lot of good looking dinner spots with outdoor patios in the main squares. Attractive hosts and hostesses try to entice us on our way passed, each claiming that their place is the best and offers traditional Montenegrin fare.

We settle on a winner, although I think they’d all be winners, and pick a table on the outside row off a square.

“Shit’s romantic.” “Not for these two apparently.” I point to another table across the way where a couple is dressed up with dinner and drinks in front of them but they’re both on their phones and haven’t talked to each other the whole time. “Guess that’ll happen.” “Dude’s wearing ear buds haha.” “Wow. A whole new level of relationship comfortability.”

Food looks good and I’ve definitely worked up an appetite. We get some beers ordered up and pick some great looking menu items. MacKay goes for another stuffed pork dealy since every one we’ve gotten since Kosovo has been a knockout. This one doesn’t disappoint either.

I get a mixed kebab and sausage duo. Chicken, ham, lamb, veggies and a pork sausage. Narmzy

“You know what these fries need?” “Yeah. No vinegar on the table. Fucking figure it out.” “Hahaha figure it ooout. Well… not to be impolite… but I think we need a few more beers.”

After we demolish the plates we sit a while with another couple beer and continue to marvel at the speechless couple. The romantic levels shoot up a few ticks when a sax player sets up in the square beside us. He’s quite good, playing to backing tracks like Time After Time, and Imagine. Nice atmosphere and area over here by the main church. “If we were a gay couple this would be perfect.” “Why do you think I keep inviting you on these trips…” “Back to the room then?” “Haha whoa, slow down there cowboy.” “I Haven’t really bought anything yet this trip. Souvenir run?” “Let’s take a look.”

We pay up and stroll around. Quickly find out there are no shops open at this hour.

We do find a shop for rent though. “We could open a metal bar here.” “Kotorhead.” “Kotor… breath? ya, I got nothing.” “Once you’ve seen it, you’ll never be the same.”

We also discover that the highest recommended pizza in old town Kotor is the Al Pacino

Maybe a post dinner gelato is in order?

Pretty place at night. Quiet and calm. We amble towards the front gates to see what’s happening outside the walls.

The Castle of Giovanni is all lit up along the mountainside. “Was it steep?” “Oh yeah.”

We stroll around the outskirts for a bit, mainly to scout out the bus station since we’ve gotta get down there bright and early for an 8am extraction to Albania. Find it EZ-PZ, I think we’re good to go. Mission accomplished.

Good view of the castle walk from this street.

There’s a dragon popping out of the old town walls near the entrance with a string of recyclables hanging from it’s jowls. Maybe it’s an environmentalists take on plastic waste? Or maybe in a high wind it picks up and looks like dragon’s breath?

We get back to the room and there is a violin guy in the square under our apartment window. He’s super good, playing classical tunes and gathering a bit of a crowd.

We’re still a little beat up from last nights synthwave stupidity on the beach so decide to have an early boxer time and call it. Back into Albania tomorrow and then we’ll need to decide where the trip will take us after that. Southwards through Albania and into Greece en route to Athens, or ferry across the Adriatic Sea to Bari and up to Rome.

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  1. Beautiful architecture, I guess the number of tourists will increase exponentially soon, it is quite typical of what has become fashionable.

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