Infinite Douchery

We step into Gallery Multium to investigate and find a young girl behind a counter on her phone with her feet up.  There’s a sign indicating it costs about $5.  She barely shifts position to talk to us.  “Six Infinity Rooms”.  I’m not sure if Murphy knows what an “infinity room” is but I don’t and the first one’s free so we peek our heads in.

Ohhh yeah.  “We’re in.”  We slap down the cash and head to the second room to douche it ad infinitum.

Infinite Douchey Decimal System

“Do something awkward.”

Whoa look down here

Trying to find the “Most Infinite” angle

Next one is a star field or The Mystery of Leprechaun Christmas

Why hello there sir

While we’re in the room full of lights the door opens and a kid who looks eight or nine is standing there.  Despite the illusion we’re in pretty close quarters but I don’t think the kid gets the premise and he kinda looks at us wondering why we’re just standing in the doorway…  after a few seconds he either figures it out or gives up and closes the door

One of the rooms is all shifting lights on a sphere so we take all the drugs and stare at it for a while

The D & McB Thunderdome!

D & McB multiverse pillow fight!

That was a fun twenty minutes and ten bucks well spent.  We roll back out to the street and keep moseying up the hill en route to the castle…

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