Oogie and I leave MacKay to die peacefully in the apartment and follow the river boardwalk through a mini park and across a bridge into the main square area. Man, this town is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it in the daylight.

We get off the bridge onto the cobblestones that usually announces you’re entering the badass area of town and sure enough it leads us right to the heart of this perfect little city. There are a number of great looking bars and hangouts, college kids in all degrees of drunkenness and sobriety, and vibrant colors and old architecture of yesteryear. Great scene down here. We’re absorbing the swell and getting some of that spent energy back from last nights silliness. 

The main area of town isn’t very big and finding Elferhaus is easy enough. Looks cool. Has a low-lit gastropub vibe going. Copper and steel pipes snake front to back, rustic tables and highlights. Groups of engaged people grubbing and laughing. Food looks a bit more pubby than I was hoping for but who cares, the atmosphere is great. Good recommendation from Steven Segal Cabbie Guy.

We get two stools at the bar and settle in.

A bartender swings over with some menus and lays them in front of us, “Drinks?”, “Yeah, a couple of beers please. Whatever is local”, “Light? Dark?”, “Dunkels?”, “Got just the thing. Where you from?”, “America and Canada. You?”, “From Poland”, “Oh shit, we just…”

The bartenders name is Jack. Really nice, outgoing type. He’s here for school. Seems to know everyone in the place and is freely just keeping a beer at a table of people and returning to it to chat and drink when he’s not busy. Good gig.

Oogie gets a Schnitzel and I go for the Currywurst that patio birthday girl had suggested. Kind of curious about currywurst. Sausage plus spicy curry seems like a strange mix. “Man. Again. This beer is sooooo gooood!”, “Yeah, it really is.”

The food comes and it’s not overly inspiring. Austrian pub fare really, nothing fancy to phone your food muse over.

This tastes just a bit better than it looks. It is a good tasting sausage and the spicy curry flavor makes for an interesting mix. Ok. Ok, it gets better as it goes. Hmmm alright, I think I’m willing to say that this was actually a good suggestion now. Ok, it’s really good. I lick the plate.

The beers are done and we’re eyeing up Jack at the locals table hoping to catch another drink. He finally notices and comes right over, “You want to pay?”, “No no, you’re not getting rid of us that easy, Jack”, “Oh, even better. What’ll it be?”, “Two gin and tonics please. Like the spot, it’s a cool place”, “Yes, not too bad. You going anywhere else?”, “Well we’ve been invited to a birthday party at the place next to where we’re staying”, “Oh nice. Even better”, ‘We don’t really want to show up empty handed. Is there a place to buy drinks around here?”, “Fair deal. Birthday parties are usually going to be stocked, but yeah, always a good plan. The sausage place outside, the truck, will sell cans. Stores are closed now so that’s the best bet”, “Ok great, thanks.”

We finish up our gins and have to wave down Jack again. He’s had a few shots at this point and seems to be getting sauced up. “You guys need another drink? Maybe a shot?”, “Haha actually the bill this time. Got a party to get to”, “Oh right. Yes, of course, of course.” He brings it over and then walks us out with his hands on our shoulders, “Great little town. Fun to party here. I think you’ll like it”, “You going somewhere after?”, “Oh, I have to work”, “Well getting hammered at work isn’t so bad”, “Oh you noticed haha. I’m fine, I’m fine”, “Oh yeah, you’re good. Have a good one, man”, “You too fellas. Enjoy the party!”

The sausage truck Jack mentioned is right here in the square. It smells terrific and has a good line formed. We flit about for a while but it’s taking a bit too long. “Fuck it, just bounce?”, “Yep.”

“Think the neighbors are still partying?”, “Might as well head back and see. If not, I’m game to call it”, “Yeah me too. Kinda beat”, “Ahhh but if so… we need to rally and rally hard”, “Yeah, I can do that”, “Can you?”, “You know I fucking can!”, “There it is.”

Back across the cobblestones to the bridge to the path to the park to the apartment. As we get closer we can hear the chanting and singing from the balcony. Smiles spread across our faces, “Not done yet”, “Nope, let’s do it.”

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