Tallinn Walkabout

We leave Ill Draakon and exit the South side of Raekoja Plats to continue our city scan. Amazing place thus far. Lots of character and great looking establishments and history here. The whole city center is surrounded by a great stone wall and a castle with guard towers sits at the highest plateau. A real mix of influences sprinkled around. Medieval, Gothic, some Russian churches, Swiss looking wooden buildings, and a similar but more modern vibe than Riga.  

We come to a well lit up road beneath the tall spire of the 13th century St Nicholas Church. Metal plaques along a brick wall relay some of the history of the place. It’s called Harju street and back in the Middle Ages it was Blacksmith street. Seems that the vending trend lasted a few centuries, there are stalls here in place for what looks like a street market. Maybe we’ll check out some street vendors tomorrow if they’re around (and the rain finally lets up, hopefully).

I like being able to walk around and read signs like this. Learn about the city as we ramble around.

Maybe a better shot of St Nicks from this end of the street

We’ll have to get up in the castle tower tomorrow and see the view. We walk below the castle walls and around the corner. There’s a Georgian restaurant here, might have to check that out too.

This stone archway apparently leads to the tunnel of 100 beer. “That sounds like a challenge!”, “I’ve done a century but never 100 beer. Not that I can remember anyways”, “Well this is great, just walk around and get our whole day planned out for tomorrow”, “How’s that?”, “Castle, Georgian restaurant, drink 100 beers”, “Damn. That sounds like an excellent day to me”, “Doesn’t it though.”

The hundred beer tunnel is also home of the Estonian FBI. Maybe we can recruit this person for our team.

We come back round to the main square again and are starting to feel the wetness coming through. Might be time to call it on the walking around in the rain thing. After blowing it up for the last few days everyone seems to agree a quiet night of intel gathering and laundry might be in order. We grab some beers at a local market and head back to Munkenhoff.

Walk in and ask the hostel girl about laundry. It’s 5 bucks to use their washer and dryer. Nice. I biff all my clothes in and let’r rip. Clean clothes is going to be great. Fuck recycling underwear. Up to the room and crack some Alexander Pints to that. 

Hmmmm the dryer might be effed. Clothes have been in for an hour and I’m not seeing any progress. I ask the front desk girl, Sigma, if there’s a trick to this thing. She goes over and pulls the whole filter out. “Oh dear”, it’s nasty. She starts tearing huge globs of lint away. It’s a steamy swampy mess. Now I feel bad for asking about it, “Oh shit, I’m sorry.” I wait around for a bit but there isn’t much I can help with. I offer to take a turn at de-linting, “No no, it’s ok. You don’t have to stay, I can do it”, “Are you sure?”, “Yes, of course. It’s no problem. Needs to be done”, “Ok, thanks Sigma.”

Go back in a half hour and she’s still there doing it. She’s gotten coffee stir sticks and is really getting into it now. “Wow, thanks for doing that”, “I find it strangely satisfying. I’ll start it again when I’m done”, “Haha ok well thanks!”

No matter what. Every town. Some unpredictable bullshit will happen. And some incredibly nice person will usually be there to help. Hope Sigma’s coffee stick method works, I don’t wanna have to pack up wet clothes. Actually I don’t even have pants or anything. I’m not even wearing underwear right now. I guess I could walk downtown in my shorts and flip flops in the rain and go shopping?

I check back an hour later. Nope still wet. Ok it is getting a bit better I think maybe. I put it in for longer and take my hoodie out. Still not dry. I can’t find a setting that doesn’t use the steamer first. Another hour and nothing. Hmmmm. Well, we’ve got another day I’ll just hang everything in the room and hope it dries throughout the day. Back up to the pad and the detectives are crashed out already. Got enough intel for tomorrow then. I’ll just make some laundry art and go to bed too.

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