Máchova Plzeňská

When we come out of the MOC there is a band playing music in the square.

We walk back to Post along the non touristy arterial streets. Not scenic but another interesting side of the city to see. The cold underbelly of crossing highways with a tent below. Graffiti laced concrete. Then up through a massive hill by some apartment buildings.

There’s another poster for the Lunchmeat Festival. Is that a band? The future of salami?

Back to the hostel and James goes to do laundry. I get set up in the common area to beer and blog. I guess it’s Oasis time in here. Every trip I seem to end up somewhere blasting Oasis. After those songs are done it switches to Queen’s best of.

MacKay gets back and says the laundry mat is filled with travelers and really cool. It’s like a party down there.

Good mix of people in here now. Becca from Chicago is going to Jordan in a few days. A guy named Sammy from Toronto. A dude from Chile, don’t catch his name. John is chatting everyone up on the couches. A girl with pink hair comes in. She’s from Austin. A couple of others whose names I don’t catch. Luthia is rounding up anyone interested in going on the pub crawl

“Pub crawl?”, “Nah dude. Not if we have to get up early and drive tomorrow.” Still we pound some Kozels while tag teaming the blog and intermixing with folks in the lounge. Getting late though and the wall of meat that we ate earlier is actually wearing off.

James looks up another traditional Czech place that’s just a couple blocks from here. Máchova plzeňská. We roll over. Looks like a nice spot. Only a handful of people but it’s still serving. We get led to a table and have a seat.

Ohhh gnocchi with tenderloin. Hell yeah. Server says nope they don’t have that right now. Got everything else though. Ok larded beef in cream sauce and tenderloin schnitzel for MacKay.

My dish is killer. Curry-like with a citrus flavor to it hiding pull apart beef cooked almost like a corned beef. I’m on the BEEF! MacKay has a mashed potato tower with bacon and chives mixed in. Nuggets of schnitzel. Another dinner win. Eating like champs today.

“This is the best baby diarrhea I’ve ever had, dude”, “Well you’ve been eating the wrong babies.”, “Is everything ok?”, “Super good. Really good thank you.”

Excited to get into Poland tomorrow (if everything goes as ‘planned’). Might as well look for a room. Quick look up. There’s a place called Moon Hostel. High ratings and good reviews. Looks like one of the best ones in Wroclaw actually. A private room is… 20 bucks. Haha ok that’s silly, I’m booking it right now. 

There is a TV tuned to a retro music video station on the wall distracting us. I’ve never seen any of these videos or even know who the artists are. It’s terrible in that B-Movie way that also makes it awesome. Captain Jack, together and forever. Wow

An Erasure video comes on. So bad. So good. The singer guy keeps doing backflips and fights a red demon. The song is called Always. “I never listened to much Erasure”, “probably for the best”, “All we’re going to listen to through Poland is Erasure. Non stop Erasure at the non stop KFC”

This seems like a slightly upscale restaurant but beers are still only two bucks. Czechia rules. We finish and get the bill. It’s 556. Ridiculous. 30 bucks. Canadian. 4 beers and two great meals.

With our meat bellies refilled we get back to Post and pass the hell out. It’s been a slice, Prague, you’re beautiful. Roadtrip to Poland tomorrow.

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