Popa Falls Laundry Fiasco

We walk around Popa Falls Resort and get our bearings. There are no campsites by the river. I wonder if that’s because of animals. There’s a bar and restaurant and 5 teenage girls on the jetty giggling and practicing dance moves.

Nice little beach and floaty house thing down by the river.

We head back to the restaurant and grab a beer. The patio looks over some nice rapids. A few other people are around, I look to see what they’re eating. Sausage on fries aaaaand sausage on fries. Guess that’s the thing to get.

It’s nice to have gotten here with enough time to chill in the afternoon instead of just showing up to camp after dark like the last few. Could maybe even get some laundry in actually. Yep, everyone’s game for that. I think we’ve all been recycling garments at this point.

We wash our clothes in some nearby sinks and set up a line to hang stuff on

Jamie makes an underwear tree

We grab a beer and head back down to Popa Falls for sunset. There are guards armed with rifles here roaming the perimeter of a razor wire fence that surrounds the complex. They must always be on alert for animals sneaking into the area.

We decide to just hit the restaurant for dinner instead of scrounging whatever we’ve got in the truck. They have a T-bone and some pork chops. We ask about red wine and our server goes to check. She comes back and says there is none. Ok we’ll just go with beers. Five minutes later on a trip to the bathroom I walk by a whole display of some 30 bottles of red wine. Ah.. ok.

The T-bone comes out and it doesn’t look so great. Ends up being a tad grisly but not bad at all. The sound of the rapids is relaxing and we sit and eat and laugh and drink.

Get back to camp afterwards and the laundry is nowhere near done. “Might as well just leave it up, it’s not cold out or anything”, “Yep. Gin, Aperol, tonics?”

“Well, should we go for a walk or something?”, “Yep. Wait… what’s that sound?” 

A sprinkler has come on and it immediately starts nailing all the clothes on the line. “Shit! The laundry”, “What the fuck?! Why? it’s 930pm”, “You’re watering dirt!” We scramble to get the clothes off the line. We’re slipping in mud and trying to dodge a sprinkler while pulling underwear from a tree in the dark. This is laughably stupid. It’s hitting the fire pit. If we were tent camping we’d be soaked. A few items get dropped in the mud erasing all laundry progress. What a shitshow. 

I take a video of the sprinkler washing down our entire campsite and the side of the truck to show the front desk later. This is asinine. It’s only our site too. Had we picked any other site we’d have been fine. “Is it getting higher?”, “Fuck, it is!” The sprinkler is now angling up and hitting clothes we thought were out of reach. This starts a second mud rush to get over and grab Peter’s underpants from the tree. We close down the top bunk of the truck so everything inside doesn’t get drenched. “This is so fucking dumb, man!”, “Yep. If it weren’t hilarious I’d be super pissed.”

And that’s just how it goes. We’ve been busy everyday and finally find time to do laundry only to have sprinklers come on and soak it all at 10pm. It’s so senseless you just gotta laugh at it. The sprinkler finishes and we hang our stuff back up, for whatever it’s worth. Unbelievable. “We’ll probably have to jam these in our insect repellent garbage bags when we go”, “Yeah. That’s one way to treat all your clothes with insect repellent.”

We mix another drink and walk down to investigate the other side of the complex. There is a raised bridge walk that spans over the river and into the woods. This is cool, nice lighting. There are chalets overlooking the falls that look like good places to stay. Some people poke their heads out the windows at us. Ok, we probably shouldn’t be over here I guess.

We get back by the pool and sit in some chairs to research options for the Okavango Delta. Tons of shit to do there. It looks like we can get to Maun tomorrow and set up shop for a couple days. Another guard walks by us with a flashlight and rifle. 

We settle into our mud pit back at camp and have a laugh over the stupid laundry situation. A car pulls up and a family with a 20-somethings daughter start to set up a tent in the campsite across the ‘road’ from us. They immediately hit the hay and we stay up a while longer just talking.

“Good thing the sprinkler didn’t come on in their site”, “Oh they’d be wrecked.”

This, of course, is exactly what happens in the morning.

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