Bertus Basson @ Spice Route

Not too far from Fairview we find Spice Route. There’s a sign out front that says “Think twice and appreciate spice.” It’s a sprawling complex of white buildings with various market vendors, restaurants and tasting rooms for wine and beer overlooking the valley. There’s a coffee roastery, chocolaterie, brewery and distillery on site as well. As far as recommendations go I’d say Carmen has knocked it out of the park.

We get up to the grounds and browse around. The comparisons to our beloved Guadalupe Valley outings come up. So far South Africa seems to be cheaper and far better quality than Mexico. No small feat really, this place is even more underrated than that underrated place. I suppose it isn’t easy to get all the way over to this continent from the West but it’s still surprising you don’t hear of more people coming to appreciate it. 


“Should we do a gin tasting?”, “We’re never getting to Namibia!” We take a seat on a patio outside what looks like the main restaurant called Bertus Basson. A server welcomes us and drops a drink menu off. Might go for a pre-meal beer after all of that wine tasting. The Windpomp Lager does the trick. Ahhh this is relaxing.

The server comes back with a massive chalkboard that acts as their menu and runs through the options and recommendations. Drooool! We put in for the Cape Bobotie, Eisbein, Braised Wildebeest Penne, Lamb Groenbooinjie Bredie, Potato Wedges, Green Beans, Tomato Sambal, and Crushed Potatoes. Might as well go for it, “Well this is exciting!”

A few servers start landing plates in front of our wide eyes and a mind blowing feast takes shape.

What. A. Spread. Mark takes the lead on ordering a Spice Route Sauvignon Blanc to compliment the occasion.

Everything is outstanding but the table agrees that the Bobotie is the overall winner. A great mix of spices and a distinctive flavor, slightly different than the one we had at the Stormsriver Bistro, I think bobotie might be the go to dish from now on if it’s ever on the menu. 

While we’re silently enjoying our palate festival a leaf suddenly falls in the middle of the table and makes us all jump back startled in our seats. Ha, shit. That got us good.

Well this is tough to beat for a first day of the roadtrip. Amazing scenery, great food and wines. Thank you South Africa. Sitting outside feasting and laughing with friends on a beauty day. Fucking marvelous.

We get the server to snap a pic of the scene. Already one for the books.

“Can I take your plates”, “Finish it, Peter! Like a viking!”

Pact of the goldfish!

That was the best, wow. Problem is we’ve only gone a half hour from Cape Town so far haha. “Probably be Cedarburg tonight, I reckon?”, “Well yeah, we can still see Table Mountain from here”, “Mount up?”, “Yep, let’s boogie.”

Hit the head and back to the truck. Time to truly get this thing underway.

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