Into Cape Town

Out of magnificent Mossel Bay and back to Hwy 2, sights set on making time to Cape Town. We’re deep into season one of My Dad Wrote a Porno now and fuck is it funny. Hearing Belinda get into all sorts of sexchief while keeping the pots and pans business thriving is a great way to kill time on the road. “So are you picturing Nottingham Road Belinda, or Coffee Bay Belinda in these scenes?”, “Oh Gaaawd! Neither. Fuck, you’re sick. But it is weird that we’ve met two Belindas so far this trip and are listening to Belinda Blinked right now.”

We are crushing miles in our valiant Polo, bombing across the interior of South Africa now. Outside of the Garden Route the landscape spills into a luscious rolling green. Hardly anyone on the road and we’re making up time lost from our brilliant Garden Route detour.

South Africa certainly is lovely.

We take a pit stop for a quick bite, stretch and leak. Just rolling hills for miles

Peter slams a gas station sandwich in my mouth. Naaarmz, thanks man

Alright, back at it. Hopefully we can see Cape Town for sunset.

Booking it, booking it for hours and we start climbing up a steep stretch just on the outskirts of Cape Town. Likewise, the excitement is building to meet up with Mark, see this world-class city, grab our safari truck and get the SASS underway!

We crest the peak of Sir Lowry’s Pass at the perfect moment. Down below is the flatlands before Cape Town, the bay, and a breath-taking sunset over Table Mountain beside it. Unreal. A perfect red orb slowly dropping right beside Lion’s Head above the city.

Peter is trying to snap a good shot between cars on our descent while I’m driving. Looks like he was wonderfully successful.

The drive into Cape Town is great too looking down on the city from the M3. Perfect timing, what a day.

We pull into the city and navigate our way around to the Backpackers Hostel. Yeah this place seems cool.

Oh just kidding there’s no one named Mark here and we don’t have a room haha. Must be the other Backpackers, sorry about that. Lol, our bad. Ok, over to the other one then. It’s just down the street a ways. Getting excited driving around, Cape Town looks killer.

Walk into the other Backpackers hostel and there’s our man, Cumper Coooooondog! (a regular on our Guadalupe Valley Mexcursions).
Hugs and high fives. It’s happening. This adventure is on. Cool outdoor area and people playing beer pong. This’ll do.

Some good detective work by Cooney here, the hostel is great. Full bar in the back, food, good looking rooms, perfecto.

Kick back after the drive and chill with some beers. Mark tells us he went to the Robben Island prison today, a Unesco heritage site where Nelson Mandela was held for 18 years. Says it was great, really informative and interesting. Sounds like a good day trip, if there’s time we’ll have to make it happen.

Gonna pound this badboy and do some Jack Black cock push-ups.

We try to get ahold of Budget to return the Polo but no one seems to be answering. Hmmm guess we’ll just go to the airport and try to drop it off there. We pile in and crank up the next episode of Belinda blinks. “This is what you guys have been listening to across South Africa?”, “Yep”, “It’s ridiculous”, “Yep.”

Get out to the airport and the Budget dude tells us we’re too late. We could drop it off but will have to pay for another day anyways so might as well keep it. Alrighty, maybe we can drive down the cape or something tomorrow then. We’ll just go back and drop it off in town tomorrow.

Back to the hostel for another beer and we start scheming on a night out on the Cape Town. Mark is proving to be a good addition to the Adventure Detective squad already, he’s got a line on a gin speakeasy that sounds baller.

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