Wake up and hit the top floor for breakfast with this amazing view of the river and Peace Park.



Unfortunately, the buffet is terrible. Maybe the worst ever. Everything is just mush. Scrambled eggs, macaroni salad, its.all.mush. Sausages were little hotdogs. Yogurt was alright. Coffee was burnt. They start clearing all the food at 20 to 10. Doesn’t it go to 10? If the breakfast hours are 7 – 10 I should be able to roll up at 950 and still eat. I think this horrendous coffee is making me more cranky.

We get ready and boogie down to the dock for Miyajima. Oh shit the boat is already here! We rush over and get tickets. Doesn’t look like we’ll make this one but the next is in 10 minutes? Oh wait we are on this one. We’ve got ‘jump seats’. Queenie gets to switch. Another guy comes to fill the empty seat beside me. I think the older one with him wants to switch and sit in my seat. Nope, ok. I’m confused. Oh that’s the guy driving the boat. I think he thought I was complaining about my jump seat. No no I don’t care, sal good. Ok, he goes up and starts the boat.

We pass by an oyster shelling factory, an airplane factory where they build 747s and some floating platforms where they harvest oysters. I wonder if that’s where those giant oysters we keep seeing are from. Close to Miyajima we pass by a pirate ship and a lighthouse built in 1895. We start pulling into port. Looks pretty.



Alright let’s check out the island


Oh look at that. They have deer here too.




We walk up the path following signs for the famous floating gate. Along the way we see a guy feed a deer some squid. Really? The deer just eats it. I think they’ll eat anything. But c’mon, don’t feed squid to a deer, that seems wrong. Pass another guy that has a deer by his bench and he spills out some mojito. The deer starts lapping up the mojito. What the hell? So the deer on Miyajima drink mojitos and eat squid? Some baller deer.

Not far up the path and we’re already at the Miyajima Gate. The tide is low enough to walk right up to it. A small gathering have assumed selfie positions on the beach. We get down there and check it out





There are round stones leading across the water



We walk up into the small town area beside the temple that overlooks the beach.


There are signs to a ropeway that takes you up to the top of the mountain. We figure we can get up there and look around, catch the view, and be back to the gate for sunset.


It’s a beautiful walk by a river, across bridges by a waterfall and through a colorful wooded area.




We get to the ropeway in 5 minutes and they’re handing out tickets. We get 591. At the station you have to wait until your number is called. They’re on number 119. Seems to go quickly, about 10 every 3 minutes. Fuck that means a 2 hour wait. Guess we’ll get some ice cream. Aaaaaand just wait for the cable car to Mount Misen in the hopes we have time left in the day to spend up there…


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