Caffe Ponte Viva

Wake up sweating. Wth? It’s super hot in here. The heat is blaring. We crack the window ahhhhhh. It’s cold and windy outside. Much prefer that temp. Azazazaa shower time, let’s find a breakfast spot by the river.

It’s a pleasant walk along the river towards the Peace Park which is only a block away from the hotel. Great location. It’s a nice day, just a tad windy. The cooler temp is comfy.




There are some monuments to the A bomb victims along the path. This is going to be a sobering day, I’m sure.


This panorama of the city after the A bomb flattened the city is heart wrenching


There is a statue of a burned A-bomb victim. Prayer flags draped on the monument. 200,000 victims, oh fuck…


I don’t want to impose on the other person taking in the scene by snapping a pic of the singed body right in front of them, but I do want to remember this moment.


We pass by the ferry to Miyajima. Sweet, we’ll definitely be hopping on that later. Beside it is a beautiful place called Caffe Ponte Viva. Nice cafe right by the bridge. We can sit outdoors on a patio overlooking the river, awesome! Crates full of oranges offer a pleasant citrus aroma to the scene.



The hostess leads us to a seat right by the walkway. Perfect. We order a mimosa COW (coffee, orange juice and water). Fresh squeezed mimosa! The best. The girl pronounces it me-mosa. Bob’s coffee at Guest House Maya was top notch, but this is definitely the best coffee on the trip so far. And they have breakfast pizza?! Hiroshima, I’m in love.


The pizza comes with a pizza cutter on the side. I’m not sure if I’ve ever cut my own pizza at a restaurant before. I like it. Look at this pizza! It’s a work of art


I ask our server if they have any hot sauce and he gets really excited. He drops off some tobasco and another brand I’ve never seen before. Lemosco. “Made here in Hiroshima. From yuzu. Very very good.” Excellent, thank you. He’s so pumped about it people from the other tables are curious about the exchange. I try some on the pizza. Oh, that is nummy. Has a subtle lemon taste to it and is a perfect amount of heat while still not overwhelming the taste. Need to be a little generous with it to get the full flavor, but this is a treat. Thanks Server Guy, I’ll definitely be trying to find some to take home. I love hot sauce.


Man, we are blowing up the food scene on this trip. It’s been out of this world. The breakfast pizza is so bloody good I scrape the cutting board and almost eat my plate. Phenomenal. Gonna need 2 more fresh squeezed me-mosas and a top up of the best coffee in Japan please. Your restaurant is totally 11 stars.

Queenie gets this interesting spicy hot dog in a fresh soft flat bread. It’s amazing. She also gets a delectable risotto, mushroom and chicken dish. This place..



Ready for our day! (Was I supposed to do fight face?)


They do the cheque Canada style here and bring the pay machine right to the table. Super convenient, don’t see that much in the States. I demonstrate our gratitude for such an outstanding experience and tell them to please pay the chefs my compliments. They’re thrilled. But really, this has been a whole nother level.

There’s a sign by a take out stand they have for beer and coffee that says ‘Beer me up Scotty” that’s great, how have I never seen this before?

Beautiful day, beautiful city


Ahhh the Atomic Bomb Dome is down there. We’ll get to that later. Let’s go into the Peace Park. This is probably going to be equally parts depressing, enlightening and relevant.


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