Osaka Castle

We roll up to Osaka Castle around sunset. Should have just enough time to see the grounds, tour the castle and snap a good golden hour pic. There’s a place to tie up the horses just outside the moat. The colors are great and the reflection in the water is a nice touch. Looks good so far, haven’t even spotted the actual castle.




We cross the bridge over the moat and come to the gate. Looks sturdy AF. Apparently there was a legendary turret here as well.


We speed walk through the grounds to the main event, nail it in the setting sun and she is just a beauty! Let’s get to the top of this thing


As expected from a kick ass castle at the highest point in the city, the view from the top is sensational.


These golden fish gilding the roof tops is a nice touch. They catch the sunlight with a radiant glow.


Overlooking the castle courtyard with the city in the background, this place is dope.




We descend through the interior of the castle where they have a bunch of exhibits, historical pieces, artifacts and a cool figurine layout depicting an epic battle.




There is also a row of kiosks w a series of holographic scenes showing historic events surrounding the Osaka Castle. They’re fun to watch. Reminds me of those classic heritage moments from the CBC (dammit, I teared up a bit just watching that). I could go for some holographic heritage moments right now

Samurai Wan, you’re our only hope…


Well that was rad, let’s get back to ground level and see if there’s still time for a couple shots before dusk. There is


Beside the castle is a large building filled with shops, a restaurant and a rooftop bar. Now we’re talking! We go up to the roof, grab a drink and get all artsy with a reflection shot of the castle off the bar.




Biking through town to a castle makes for a great day. We decide to backtrack to our Namba Oasis while there’s still a bit of light left to navigate by. Grab the steeds and go.


We bike back through town taking a slightly different route so we can scout out Osaka a bit more. On the way back we stumble upon the Dotonbori area. Holy shit, this place is bonkers, have to go back here on another day. Lights and glitz and every type of shop and restaurant you can imagine. The place is packed with people, this is clearly the tourist attraction area of the city. It’s a head turner for sure. Wow, tons to do here.


There’s a river running through it that you can hop tour boats on. A massive ferris wheel overlooks the scene. Dotonbori is seriously happening. The street food options look absolutely mind blowing.



Spider man is totally stealing this clam



A Final Fantasy cafe?! Gaaaaah I wish we had time but we need to return the bikes and meet up with Andrew and Rodney for din din.


Well Dotonbori was a nice detour on the way back but we’re totally lost in Osaka now. Check the web map and somehow we get routed straight to the bike shop which is nice since I totally forgot where the hell it was.

Bikes returned, we backtrack passed the grocery store, dip in for some beers and snacks. Looks like we have time to have a post-tour bev before meeting up with everyone for okonomiyaki. Super pumped about trying it.

I love seeing the whacky chip flavors in other countries (we found hot pot chips in Taiwan). This looks crazy


Kobe beef chips?! Yesssssh!


We get back to the Namba Oasis and kick it with a beer. Sounds like Rodney is gonna meet us at the dinner spot. It’s only a 15 min walk or so back into the Dotonbori area. Hopefully there’ll be some shenanigans to be had tonight after Andrew and I catch up on the last decade of our lives over a delicious feast.

Finish up the beers, hit the elevator button and get back to the streets of Osaka excited about the nights prospects

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