Weekend Burger


Yep, it’s a tiny little craft burger stand called Weekend that also sells local craft beer right onto the street. Bardar victory! This is incredible. The guy in the little room is smiling as we walk up and seems super friendly. “You can drink on the street!”, he speaks decent English and asks if we want anything. I peruse the bottles and some fancy labels catch my eye. I get a Smoked beer from some local brewery and Queenie goes with the guy’s suggestion of a jim beam and rootbeer? A Beaming Rootbeer? Hmmmm it’s not bad needs more whiskey though. Queenie asks and he says, “Tell me when to stop”. my kinda place.


the burger menu is written on the flip up top above our heads. C-c-c-c-cool b-b-b-beans


This place is dope. There are a couple other dudes here just chilling and having a beer. The burgers look mighty good too, but we’re kinda sold on the yakitori idea still. Weekend Dude gives us some buffalo wings and pickled goodies to num on. He just makes them on a little burner in the back. We pile on a couple more pretty labeled craft beers too.




Weekend Dude’s name is Tatsuy. He’s a really nice guy and is chatting us up. He’s been to Taiwan and really loved it so we swap stories about that for a bit. Maybe a couple more beers. Maybe Bird UP!


While we’re standing there, about every 15 minutes, a really smoking hot Japanese girl approaches the joint and goes up stairs. What is going on? Every time I see a dolled up girl I tap Queenie, “She’s going up stairs for sure”. Yep. What’s up stairs, a strip club? This is getting silly. Queenie is curious and goes up to investigate. It’s a combo beauty salon and pastry shop.


Now there’s a train of hot girls coming out with their hair all curled. They must be getting done up before their night shifts or something. They look like ladies of the night. Queenie and I start giggling every time a new one comes around the corner and now we’re betting drinks on it. They’re pretty easy to pick out of the crowd because they’re totally prostitutes. Only prostitutes dress this way.

One guy gets caught staring one of these hotties down, he trips up sideways and knocks over a whole line of bikes haha. Like, 10 of them clank clank clank clank-a-lank-a clank! Oh shit, we run over and help him pick them all up. Pedals stuck in chains stuck in handlebars, what a mess. He’s very grateful and is clapping his hands and bowing to thank us. Lol that was classic.

Tatsuy has a co-worker come to start her shift. She crawls through a little door under the bar and gets behind the stand. She starts prepping some food in the back. We’re really digging this little drink stand. So simple and it seems to be doing well. He’s got a great variety of snacks too. Little sausages and salads and apps. People keep coming up and ordering bites of stuff


What an awesome little cave


Ok but we’re itching to move on. We thank Tatsuy for the beers and company and boogie along down the alley. We pass by an okonomiyaki place. That’s this pancake kinda dish stuffed with whatever meat and goodies you want. It’s supposed to be bomb. I think we’ll wait until Osaka for that though. My Adventure Detective contact, Andrew, says he’ll take us out to a good spot when we get there.

Another place is selling little fried balls of something. Oh they’re Tacoyaki, little balls filled with diced octopus. I bet those are good. Too bad they’ll kill me. I like the sign by the stuffed octopuses (octopi?) saying it’s rude to take your tacoyaki into other restaurants.



Down the next side street I recognize a bar name from our crazy beer map, Miyama 162. Guess we’ll continue our secret craft beer mission. We’re on the case…

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