Into Kyoto

We wake up engaged overlooking the lake and Mount Fuji with a nice clear morning. Slept in a little bit thanks to the High Spirits and library bar shenanigans. We rush down to breakfast before it’s too late. Might as well bring our Lawson’s beers from our bike pickup last night so that we don’t have to carry them with us when we take off for Kyoto. We’re on vacation, beer for breakfast smeer for smekfast.

The table Mizuno reserved for us is set right against the window overlooking the view. Everyone else in the restaurant is wearing the kimonos from their room. Yeah, that probably would’ve made sense. This ends up being the most plates I’ve ever seen at a breakfast ever. There was a plate for everything, they kept swapping them out. I get an omelet, fruits, bread, soup, yogurt, and a COW (coffee, orange juice and water). Queenie has a whole hot pot ensemble with a cooking pot, meat and veggies and sauces, her own fruit, bread, coffee and a COW as well.

I try to get a picture of all our breakfast goodies plus the lake and Mount Fuji, minus anybody else in the restaurant. This is what I got


We finish breaky and head back to the room. My butt is still sore from the little bike seats we were riding around on yesterday. Alright, where are those kimonos? Time for another Fuji pic. I get kimono’d up and set up the engagement cam again. We get some cheeky poses and a no look pointer.




Ok, enough fooling around, we really should book something in Kyoto for tonight. There’s absolutely nothing available. Oh right, I went through all of this last night. Is there an event or some….bring bring… Our phone? “Hello?”, “The last shuttle to the train station leaves at 11. Would you like to be on it?”, “Yes, yes we would. Thank-you”, “You’re welcome.” Holy shit it’s 3 minutes to 11!

We rush down to the front desk and check out. Now we’re the assholes holding up the shuttle. We jump on, apologize, and head off to Kyoto with no accommodations booked yet. The shuttle takes us around the pretty lake and back to the train station. We check in with the concierge there. She says the fastest route is 10 bucks more. Sure. Next train is in 2 minutes. Shit! It’s always a race. There’s a line for the ticket machine and we lose. Back to the concierge. The next, next train is in an hour. Ok sure. We send Narco to pick up the tix.


Outside there is a Thomas the train and friends train. “Ohhhh I wish this was our train!”


There’s also a mascot for Mount Fuji, of course, because there are cute mascots for literally everything in Japan. Looks like they did a little Hello Kitty collaboration.


We use the hour before the train gets here to try and get some place to stay in Kyoto. Queenie finally finds a spot called the B Sanjo. Damn, it’s pricey! Someone must have given up the room and now it’s available. “Oh, what should we do?”, “Just get it, we’ve wasted enough time on this. Pay up tonight and then look for something cheaper when we get there.” Queenie books it but the transaction says it’s timed out. “Oh shit, really?”. It’s literally the last room and the only one even remotely in a decent area. Now when we go to book it the site says ‘Sorry it’s booked’. Queenie checks her email. She has a confirmation number. Ok…. we’ll just get there and see what happens. Those Israeli Pescatarians were right, booking things here is insane. You should really plan that stuff well in advance for Japan I guess. Damn.. that’s something we, and those Israeli girls it seems, are not really used to doing.

We switch stations in Shizouka (like a quite bazooka) just south of Mount Fuji and nab a couple of bento boxes and drinks for the next leg of the trip. They come w green teas. Apparently Shizouka is well known for green tea and figurines? Gundam models are produced exclusively at the Bandai plant here. What a nice and helpful booth girl.


Yum, the boxes are pretty good! A pork over rice w bread, and some rice balls, meats and pickled goodies.



We get off in Kyoto and the station is packed with a metric shit ton of people. There is an air of Belgian waffles in the metro that makes you start to drool immediately. C’mon, that’s not fair! We make our way up stairs and out into the streets. There are more baked goods on the way out. Daaaah! This is the most aromatic station yet. We make our way to a taxi and just take the easy way to the hotel.

The old capital of Kyoto is looking pretty good so far. Busy and picturesque, right next to a large river. Did they just rearrange the letters of Kyoto and decide to make the new capital Tokyo? Will the next capital be Yookt? #taxithoughts

We get to the B Sanjo hotel and the taxi door opens automatically. That’s neat. We head inside and inquire about maybe having a room there. It looks like the transaction didn’t time out after all and they have us on record as booking the room. Phewf! They are booked for the next two nights though. Sorry.

We go up to the room and take a second to get situated. The hotel seems to be in a really good area. Walking distance to a lot of key spots. The problem is that Kyoto has so many things to see and they’re basically in 4 different quadrants. We’re kind of in the middle of it all and also just a short stroll to what looks like downtown so this should work out well. We decide to get a room at a place basically across the street for the next 2 nights even though it’s pricey again. This seems like a baller location and there really isn’t anything else available.

With that settled and the evening upon us it’s clearly time for a drink. We go a few doors down to a place called the Pig and Whistle. It’s basically an Irish style pub but I want to check it out because it reminds me of a pub with the same name when I was in Rotorua, New Zealand (but that’s a story for another time). We get comfy with a couple of beers.


Narcopiggy just needs a whistle!


Since we have nothing really on the agenda tonight we decide to look into the secret mission we acquired at the Watering Hole back in Tokyo: Craft Brew Tour of Japan!


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