Hippari Dako, Nikkō

Before we head up to the temples and whatnot in the woods of Nikkō , we jump into  Hippari Dako for some grub. It’s just a small little store front not too far South of Shinkyo Bridge. I like the multi-language door ad.


Oh wow this is a cool little spot. Only about 4-5 tables. Surprisingly, no one is in here right now. Maybe we beat the rush. The walls are covered in drawings and memos written by travelers from all over the globe.


Hippari Dako has a great looking menu with yakitori, yakisoba, ramen, gyoza and some rice dishes. We decide to go with the yakitori and rice combo, some yakisoba, a cutlet of chicken and some deep fried quail eggs. We also agree that we should probably hydrate before hiking around the Nikkō temples and so we order two massive Sapporos.

While we’re waiting for the food to come out we take a look around. Really fun decor in here and all of the notes on the wall are amazing. Some really good artists have stopped by over the years and the sentiments from other visitors is refreshing. Loved the Totoro one, some great mini-manga and, of course, the apology for Donald Trump from some American travelers.


Between Sapporo sips, Queenie cranks out a little pic of Narcopiggy and Tangerino standing on the Shinkyo Bridge. I find a good opening on the wall and throw it up there.


Food comes out and it’s killer. Great noodles, great rice, great meats, great quail eggs. We got some chicken balls too! We order up another Sapporo to wash it all down with. While we eat the chefs are peeking from behind the curtain to see if we’re enjoying everything. We give them an “Oishi!!” and some thumbs up and they clap with approval.


Awesome spot to stumble upon, can’t recommend Hippari Dako enough if you’re in the area. Once again we somehow timed things perfectly and just missed the lunch rush. As we’re eating the place completely fills up until all the tables are jammed and there are people waiting outside to get in. And on that note, we choose not to dilly dally so some others can come in and enjoy.

Pleasantly full and just a tad Sapporo silly it’s now time to take on the real sights of Nikkō .

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