Akiba Hedgehog Cafe

Queenie gets caught in an inescapable kawaii tractor beam and we’re on our way up an elevator to the Hedgehog cafe in Akihabara. The fifth floor also has a cat cafe on it.

The door opens and directly in front of us is an owl so cute our hearts melt back down to the first floor. Awwwww look at ‘eeeeeemmmmmm! The owner rushes over and encourages us to pet the owl. I ask her what the owl’s name is and I think she says it’s Ogawakikagakyukigawasen III

There is a vending machine for hedgehogs? You throw some money in and get a ticket for an hour with the hedgehogs and unlimited coffee and tea drinks. We toss an extra 100 yen in to get some food for the lil duffers too.


The place is just a long room with tables to sit at and a coffee/tea vending machine in the back. There is only one other couple in the room. They’re wearing gloves, giggling and playing with a little hedgehog. It’s adorable.

We are led over to a table with two hedgehogs in a little terrarium. The hostess gives us the run down on hedgehog manners and then leaves us to it. Basically you don the gloves, carefully scoop a hog, don’t let him run around on the ground and you can get infinite coffee from the vending machine.

We sit down and begin the kawaii parade. These little guys are ridiculously cute. We name them Sonic and Rupert. Queenie scoops up Rupert who is a sleepy lil hog that likes green tea and lounging in your cupped hands. I get Sonic who is an adventurous little bastard that jumps out of my hands and rushes off to explore the whole area. He blitzes up off the table and onto the window ledge behind the hand towels and wifi password. We patiently await a good scoop opportunity. Another time he takes off and I had my gloves off to take a picture. I quickly went to nab him and his spiky quills pricked my finger and drew a nub of blood. Always rub the hedgehog the right way.





20171029_124005Halfway through our hogsesh the hostess brings their food over. It’s basically grubs. The hedgehogs lift their snouts when they get near and start getting super excited. We put them back in their little glass home and get some tweezers to feed them with. They love it!


After Rupert eats them grubs he gets all ansty in the pantsy and tries to out-roll Sonic.

Here’s Queenie’s first Gif (aka Qif) trying to manage ramped up Rupert.


And just to top off the cutest hour you could possibly have, there was a baby rabbit in the room too. He or She was just chillin in the back of the room the whole time and I only noticed when I went back to get some coffee from the machine. The hostess says we can hang with the bunny too so we’re off to ubercute round 3.

Look at eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!


Ok well that should do it. We finish our infinite iced coffees, say goodbye to Rupert and Sonic and head for the elevator. One more pet on the head for elevator guardian Ogawakikagakyukigawasen III and we’re umbrella up and back out in the downpour on the streets of Akiba. Might as well keep the cafe theme going. Next stop, Maid Cafe!



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