Bagan to Yangon

We get up around midday and our bellies are begging for a Bagan lunch. Time to hit the dust for some grub. We come out of Ostello Bello and are immediately nailed by the, “Want a scooter!” line from laundry girl. “Nope, still good thanks”. Cross the road and are hit up again for more scooters. Next place, same thing. “Man, eBikes are the boom boom Shaka Shaka of Bagan”.

We skip over to a medium-posh spot called 7 sisters. We’re the only people there and it looks closed but they assure us it’s not. We grab a table and peruse. We’re a tired bunch. We decide a beer might be the only way forward.

Stuffed off nummy Burmese cuisine we’re back at the hostel chillin with a coulple drinks. We book a bus down to Yangon (formerly Rangoon) but it doesn’t leave until the evening. It’s one of those overnight dealies and we’ll be in Yangon bright and early.

MacKay and I decide to use this time to get some blogging in. We’d been doing half duty for a while now, trading back and forth on his chromebook since Hue, Vietnam, when my computer decided to turn into a lump of technoshit. I was typing on it and suddenly the screen just went super dark. I could still kind of make out some parts of the desktop but it’s basically unusable. Looked it up and it’s actually a known issue on these Lenovo shitpads. I tried everything the forums suggested except for actually taking the damn thing apart and removing the battery.

I go to the front desk and get some screw drivers and sit with my beer to figure this thing out. Pretty sure this won’t void the warranty?


Nope. Didn’t work either. Back to being a paperweight in my backpack.

While we’re in the lobby blog-drinking we meet a girl named Claire from Wisconsin. She asks if we’re photographers since we’re talking about uploading pictures. “Nah, we have a blog”, “Oh about your travels? What’s it like?”, “Us doing dumb stuff. Dumb stuff in different countries. It’s pretty dumb”, we’re really selling it. “I’ll look it up!”

Turns out Claire actually is a photographer. She’s going to find a spot to catch the sun set on the temples. Seems like a sweet girl. Drisdelle comes in the lobby and sees us sitting with her. He introduces himself. “Do you do dumb stuff too?”, “Not as dumb as these guys, but yeah”, “That’s actually true.”

Suddenly there’s an Ostello Bello Mannequin challenge happening. A ton of people just arrived and some of the employees thought this would be a good time to get in on the mannequin challenge fad that’s sweeping the nizzles. “Ok, when we say freeze, everyone freeze!” They pass through with a camera and capture the room in complete stillness then the music comes on again and it’s back to business. “Thanks everyone! It’s going to be awesome!”

After successfully killing the day and some beers we go back out to sate our bellies again. This time we end up nearby at a place called the Black Rose restaurant. The host guy has this booming voice. He announces things loudly in short distinct sentences like some monster truck announcer. I don’t know if he’s trying to be funny or this is just how he speaks English but it’s really entertaining regardless. “3 people! Table five! Extra menu! More beer! Tea with mint?”

MacKay and I spy some fried vermicelli on the menu and are instantly sold.
It. Is. The. Shit. Somehow James hulk slams his in under 3 minutes.


We get back to the hostel and a Truck Tuk is there to pick us up. This turns into a clown car as we go around to every place in town picking people up. We have to bust out some stools from under the benches and sit people in the middle, people are hanging off the back like I was the other day. All the luggage is on the roof, no idea how it’s actually staying up there.

We clown-blast it through town back into Nyaung-U to the bus station. The bus is actually decent. Looks comfy. It’s a long way to Yangon in the south of the country and now would be another good time to catch up on the blog. I’m too tired and comfy to write though. But I’m also just a bit too uncomfortable to sleep so I sit in a weird limbo of ambition-less malaise.

There’s a problem w the toilet. No light. Some of the girls on the bus are getting pretty irate and it’s hard for people to sleep with all that wizzle waggle in the air. They stop at a restaurant to let people go to the bathroom a few hours into the drive. Might as well get off and stretch things out.

Look over at Drisdelle and he is passed out solid. Has been since he got on. He just instantly jammed his seat into full horizontal and nabbed a few seats worth of blankies. This left absolutely no room for the poor girl behind him but he’s obliviously off in the realm of “I’m sick, DGAF”. She’s being insanely understanding about the whole situation and is cautiously getting out, trying not to disturb the  beast.

I meet up with MacKay outside and exchange a good road stretch into a high five. “Where’s the pisser?”, “No idea. Across the street”, “Yerp”. We go to piss across the street and almost instantly a pack of dogs start growling and trotting over towards us. They start to gallop and bark as we’re digging our Johnsons out. “Whoa, fuck!” and we’re running back across the street with our meat in the wind. They give up the chase once we’re near the buses. In the other direction are some perfectly good restrooms.

Back on board the bus I snuggle back into my seat blankies. Getting pretty tired now, what is it, 3am? I’ll wake up in former Rangoon. Funny to think that Yangon was actually where we planned on ending the trip. That’s tomorrow but we still have time left. Man, we’ve been cruising. Where next? Figure it out on the way as usual, I guess.


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