Phnom Penh Royal Palace

After our tour of S-21 we still had enough time to slip into the royal palace. The place was closing in 30 minutes so we didn’t have time to get a guide or really get to know anything about the place. But we figured slipping in and snappity snap snapping a ton of pictures couldn’t hurt.

Royal Palace Montage!!!!


After the blitz of the royal palace we basically chilled back at Mad Monkey for the remainder. We got our laundry and passports back and kicked it in the restaurant with sing-a-long hipster server.

Drisdelle has had a weird infection thing on his finger for a few days and he finally took a needle from a travel sewing kit and blew it apart. Sounded nasty. He said it reeked. Ahhh travelling, endless wonders what it can do to your body.


Tomorrow we’re gonna head to the coast and visit Sihanoukville. It’s supposed to be a cool beach side town with some gorgeous islands you can ferry out to. We’ve heard a lot of other travelers talking about it so… why not? Should be another swell time in good ol’ Cambodia. So far so good, we’re having a pretty great time here. Almost too good of a time


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