Buddha Day: The New Threads

We reach the Thai Factory expecting to walk into a chaotic, poorly-lit maze of stalls and are a bit disappointed to find it’s just a suit store. This slick guy makes a comment to each of us as we stride in; he looks at me and says “You must be a Harley rider, a big boss man, right?” “Ahh not exactly”, “And you, Mr Rock and Roll?”, “Well, maybe.” He laughs, asks us to sit down and offers us beers which sound fantastic.

We’re each handed a book of suits to flip through. The hustle is strong in this crew, they’re fairly standoffish to Queebs but for us three dudes it’s non-stop. I tried to show no interest and came out okay but after Drisdelle flipped through a few ties he had several employees chasing after him with more and more designs and no matter how many times he says no, they persist. “Two for fifty.” “Three for fifty.” “Four for fifty.”

Murphy decides a reasonably-priced suit jacket is a good idea so he gets fitted for one made of silk and cashmere, red with elbow patches. They get our hotel name and say they’ll drop it off by the end of the day. Nothing sketchy about that.


We wrap up and our driver gives us a spiel about how if he takes us to one more place he’ll get a gas voucher. Sounds like a reasonable request, he says as long as we just go in for five minutes or so he’ll get the voucher, and he isn’t charging shit to take us around so we agree, then after that we’re heading to the Golden Mount.

The next place was auspiciously called James Fashion and was a bit bigger. In some ways it was the same idea – come look at books with pictures of suits, have a beer – but as I got walking around and looking at some of the fabrics I started thinking a jacket might not be a bad idea. A lot of these were really bright colours, completely ridiculous, and when one of the main dudes caught me looking at them he took me upstairs to show me silk dragon print. “We can make you a dragon suit.” Okay that’s baller af. The dragon print was a bit pricey though so I reeled it back and went for a flashy purple cashmere that would look appropriate on a 1978 game show host or maybe Don Cherry. They measured me up and told me to come back between 6 and 6:30 for a proper fitting.

Shopping montage!!



Meanwhile Drisdelle was getting measured for a peach shirt. Definitely a lot more practical than a suit jacket in the jungle. Murphy got some James Bond looking shirt to go under the new jacket being made. Spiffy times ahead.

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