Massive Adventure #3

First there was the Mongol Rally. Driving from England to Mongolia in a piece of shit car. A true adventure of biblical proportions spanning 10K miles and over 25 countries. The stories from this trip are endless.

Then, we just made up our own adventure (and this blog). The Pan-American Roadshow of Tomfoolery (PARTy). Driving another POS car another ridiculous distance… or so we intended in the beginning. This time from Nova Scotia, Canada to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

And now it’s time for yet another massive, crazy adventure!

The world’s a big place and MacKay and I threw a lot of ideas around. We talked about [—DFN Seguridad level 9 required—] and [—DFN Seguridad level 9 required—] , but we settled on what we think will be a special place. Mainly because we’d never been, always wanted to go, it has a rich (and often overlooked) history, and most importantly, we may actually be able to find a place there that resembles the intro to Rambo III.

This special place, of course, is South East Asia.
We leave in 2 weeks…

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