Hello Kitty Dim Sum

Bao takes us down the elevator to the street. Knowing the guard in the lobby has a security feed to the elevator cam we all bust into a group bushwhacker stomp circle. Arms up, down, up, down and stomping round and round the whole way down in the elevator. We emerge into the foyer and a glance at the guard confirms it. He doesn’t wanna make eye contact but he can’t hide the smirk and the ‘you silly bitches’ expression on his face.

Through the poop laundry and the mall and back to the metro again. Before we get tickets we see this confusing sign:


So we can use coins, cash, or an octopus to get on the subway? That’s awesome! I don’t seem to have an octopus on me so I guess I’ll have to use cash.

Bao explains that there is something called an Octopus card here in Hong Kong. You can use it on the subway as well as in most stores and it basically acts as a credit card. You can fill it up at places like 7/11 and then purchase things with it and rack up points to buy more stuff with. There are also discounts on all sorts of things when you use the card for purchases. It’s kind of a neat system, very convenient.

We all grab an Octopus, load it up and hit the subway into town.


We get to the spot and everybody is instantly excited when they see it.


This place looks amazing. Aside from everything being Hello Kitty it is set up like a typical Dim Sum place. We meet a few of Bao’s friends inside who have already gotten into things. Introductions are made and we get to the ordering.


The food hits the table and of course everything comes out Hello Kitty’d. The rice, the steamed buns, the dessert, everything is Hello Kitty. Although the place is obviously going for the aesthetic, I will say that it is also exceptionally good. I’m no dim sum expert, I mean you win sum and dim sum you lose, but this place apparently has high marks as a quality dim sum place and it does deliver. It’s really just a bonus that you get to feel Hello Kitty brains explode in your mouth when you take a bite.

I hit the head after dindin, not so much to drain the Skols, but just to confirm a suspicion. I knew it! Hello Kitty urinal pucks!!

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