The drive down to Kenting is a pretty dip in and away from the ocean. The vegetation takes a tilt towards tropical and there are palm trees along the ocean front. Queenie and I fall into complete meat comas for most of the drive after our meat feast in the meat heaven of meat. The sleep was needed.

We get into Kenting around 7pm or so. There’s a full blown night market lining the streets and tons of ppl are out and about doing the night market thing. Queenie had looked up a place that seemed cool back at Bobo and it ended up being just a short walk away from where we were dropped off. It was called 157 (because the address was 157 Kenting street) and they advertise themselves as a boutique hotel. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it is sleek, kind of artsy, modern, and the staff is super nice. They show us a room with two queen beds and we nab it and get comfy.

Queenie and I walk the length of the night market on both sides of the street but aren’t really in the mood for street meats or whacky carny games so we find a Taiwanese restaurant and sit for a bite. We called the Piccolo Polo Bistro that the girl at Sojourner had recommended but it was just about to close. Waaahn wahhh. Queenie jokes that it seems like Kenting has lots of ‘Attraction style meals’ like the place we’d gone to in Sun Moon Lake. It does seem touristy. There’s definitely more white people here in this little town than anywhere else I’d been this trip. Seems to be catering to it more than the other places we’d been. Queenie says it’s kind of a resort place. There are nice beaches and it’s a good spot to surf. It has an Ensenada kind of vibe.

We order up a few dishes. A local mushroom plate, a wild boar stir fry, venison stir fry, and a chicken boiled in wine dish. It all kind of sucks actually. The mushroom plate tasted like fish which kind of freaked me out since I’m allergic. We asked about it and the guy said there was no fish or seaweed in it. That the mushrooms grow on the hill down by the water, there’s no fish content at all. It was mixed up with some fried egg. Wasn’t too bad after I got over the it’s going to kill me feeling. The venison and boar dishes had barely any meat in them and were mostly stir fried onions, and the chicken wine thing was served cold like they sometimes do. It was very heavy on the wine taste, but the cold chicken texture and taste didn’t do much for me. Good try.

We hit the 7/11 for some beers and head back to 157 to wait for Drisdelle. I meet a friendly Zebra and sit to chat for a while. He kind of reminded me of my old roommate Zion. Swell dude.


I get some blog time in back at 157 while Queenie watches a rerun of The Walking Dead while passing out. Drisbomb shows up late. We wander around with a beer outside but all of the places are closed up. It is Monday night after all. We decide to just fire up some instant noodles that 157 offers complimentary and finish our beers in the common area.

We talk about how funny the trip is, how everything in Taiwan is just more  fun, funny, and random in general, and how it feels like we’ve been here for a month but it’s only been 5 days. Then we head back to the room and end up tripping some alarm when we close the door. It’s 2:30 am at this point so pretty much the last thing we want to do is raise the alarm and wake everyone up. I have no idea what we did to set it off. I just open the door and close it again and the alarm stops. Weird. G’night Kenting.

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