The Best Damned Tacos in Mexico!!!

After spending nearly a month in Mexico during the Pan-Am rally and absolutely cranking the taco count through the roof at every available opportunity, I can honestly say, without question, that this dude in Guadalupe Valley has what I believe to be the pinnacle of taco perfection.

The guys name is Marcos. He runs a mobile set up that we happened upon beside a Tecate/Tequila re-up joint (called a mercado) on the Ruta del Vino. He starts with a slightly thicker than usual corn tortilla and with a spatula he’ll slap a slathering of re-fried beans on it, followed by some amazing Spanish style rice. The rice sticks to the beans and now you’ve kind of got a mini, unrolled burrito. Seems simple. This combination actually serves as a base sponge to sop up the next layer of lip dripping magnificence.

Marcos had a selection of 4-6 different meats that he rotated through during the weekend we were in Guadalupe Valley. They were all mind-blowingly delicious. The difference between his selection and other street and roadside tacos we had on the rally were that some of these were almost like a stew. He had the standard Carne asada, Pollo, and Carnitas fare that held up easily against the best versions of those staples we’d had previously. But then there were the stew-style options. While that may make it sound like a mess when combo’d with a taco, let me reiterate the brilliant foundation Marcos has already laid down with the thicker tortilla, beans, and rice. Base sponge magic. There were a couple of mole options that were faaaaabulous. Then the cochinitas pibil was a total knock out. Perfectly marinated and soft. There was also a white sauce with chicken and vegetables that looked like, but didn’t quite taste like, a chicken alfredo. Also amazing.  But then….

Then there was some sort of beef and vegetable mole concoction that had a slightly earthy taste and a tinge of spice that completely annihilated every other taco I’ve ever tried in my entire life. It was divine. At one point I was completely stuffed off of a variety of the above tacos, but still had to go grab just one more of these stewy beauties, it was just so crazy delicious.

Another thing I liked was that these spectacular tacos were served up one at a time, as you ordered them. Each quickly prepped by Marcos and doled out. Then you had topping options of all the fixings of onions (yes, those pink pickled onions!), spicy carrots, cilantro, lime, and a variety of red and green salsas at varying degrees of heat. These toppings, applied appropriately, perfectly complimented the already incredible taste bomb created by Marcos.

I was in such taste heaven the whole time (and we went back many times over the wknd) that I completely forgot to photo document any of the culinary perfection I’ve just described. All I have is this pic of Marcos’ ass from one of several late night runs back to his spot to re-up on tacos:


Will we ever see Marcos again?

Cumper Coondog actually went back to the Ruta del Vino soon after our trip and reported that he was not there.
Another source after that reported the same. He’s a phantom.
Was this just some chance occurrence, stumbling on the best damned tacos in all of Mexico?

If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of Marcos the Taco Master please, please share.

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