Postcard Fail 2.0

Apparently, it happened again.

On the Mongol Rally, we three esteemed Mustache Riders took an entire day off and slaved away over cold beers to write literally hundreds of postcards to people who’d supported us and followed us. After we double-checked the postage situation – with a helpful Russian lady acting as our interpreter – we dropped all the postcards into a mailbox. None were ever heard of again. To our knowledge, literally zero reached their intended destinations.

History seems to have repeated itself. When I arrived in Ushuaia I took a stash of postcards we’d compiled since Mexico and sent them off. Remembering the shitshow of Siberian days of yore, I even used a special DHL postcard service which cost a little more than standard mail but supposedly offered better speed and reliability.

A quick survey indicates that no one has yet received them, although it’s been something like five-plus weeks at this point.

Apologies to those who requested postcards way back in September. We tried!


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