Halloween Hangover

Noon hits us like a brick in our collective face. The reasonable thing to do would be to head two floors up to the bar on the top floor of Loki and score some hair of the dog, so we do just that.

We eat some real breakfast along with our liquid breakfast but the medicine isn’t really working. Drisdelle and I are more-or-less maintaining but Murphy seems to be getting worse as the afternoon progresses. It’s not just a hangover – he’s picked up a bug. I’ve heard that excuse a hundred times but the evidence seems to support it, he doesn’t really eat anything, has a hard time drinking and drags himself back to bed before long. Drisdelle and I have a couple more drinks but eventually decide that riding out the afternoon passed out sounds pretty good.

Before passing out we do run down to the tourist office on the main floor of Loki, though… It’s where Death Road tickets, things like that, can be bought. Death Road will probably have to wait for Monday but Sunday sounds like a wrestling day. We’ve seen signs around for “Cholitas Wrestling” – basically Andean women dressed in traditional garb, beating the hell out of each other. No idea if it’s semi-legit or if it’s scripted WWF-style rasslin’ but either way we’re 110% in so we pick up some tickets. Includes a round-trip bus ride from the hostel to the arena, about $10 in all, can’t go wrong.

Around dinner time me and D head back upstairs and get back into it. The scene is mellow, we’re not the only ones who got really stupid last night and a lot of people are hurting. Drinks are going down but slowly, food likewise. Murphy pokes his head out for a bit but is mostly out of commission. Coincidentally given tomorrow’s entertainment, WWE wrestling’s on TV. With the tickets in hand and booze-in-belly Drisdelle and I are fully-stoked for it now and at one point Murphy says “You guys have just talked about wrestling for over an hour”, shaking his head. As the bar starts to fill up we’re joined by a quirky Swiss couple who has just shown up and are heading in the opposite direction we are, so we swap stories.

I’m content with sipping brews but we run into Calvin – a fellow Halloween goon, dressed as the shepherd – and he needs a beer pong partner. I’m totally not in but Drisdelle is and the new tag-team knock out a pair of hostel employees in a best-of-three. More of the hostel employees gather around to watch – Carlton, dirty zebra, etc. – and we compare and contrast what is remembered and what isn’t remembered from last night. I can’t remember who says it, but “I was almost sober so I remember all of the stupid things you guys did.” Sober and you remember all that shit? Double sucks for you, dude.

Midnight’s creeping on so I head down to bed. Murphy looks awful. Hopefully he’ll be feeling better for rasslin’. Hopefully we all will be. We just spent an entire day in La Paz without once leaving our hostel. It’s a good thing Halloween was so much fun or else I’d feel even worse…

View from the Loki bar was nice tho: